Thursday, June 03, 2010

Almost time

Class starts 8:55 am sharp Monday morning. I'm so anxious right now. I asked for prn/part-time at work. I just don't think there's anyway that I can hack working 11p-7a 5 days a week then driving 45 minutes to class M-F sitting in classrooms from 8:55 to 12:30 then driving home to finally find some sleep. Then doing homework, eating, family time and back to work at 11pm. I'm exhausted just doing work and home right now. I average about 5 hours a day of sleep during work days. It would be fine if it was 5 hours straight, but it's 3 and a half to 4 hours here and another hour or so there. I do not want to fall asleep at the wheel driving the about 45 minute commute to and from the campus. I do not want to fall asleep during class(especially during the the summer semester...the classes are truncated and fast-paced to fit a 3 month class into 5-6 weeks). So when it comes to making a choice there really isn't one. Work has to go. We can live off Hubby's income. Won't like it, but it's doable.
I'm half afraid that I just got myself laid off in the asking though. New D.O.N. is on a power trip and it's not taking much for her to fire people. She just fired one nurse for taking a smoking break. Said nurse had hall covered, not her fault the CNA covering lights was busy with a resident the second the D.O.N. decided to take a stroll up the hall. According to the nurse the D.O.N. started screaming at her and acting very unprofessional. While I'll miss the paycheck a little, I did sign up for work study at the college. So I'll have some extra income to help with expenses this fall. Just gotta make it through summer.
Speaking of making it through the summer. My Spanish teacher just emailed us the class syllabus. I had to pay 88 dollars for two passcodes for the site the book publisher uses with the books. Apparently 80% of our homework is going to be done on this site. We are to avoid speaking English in class. My high school Spanish is very rusty (practically non-existent). This class should be fun. Nice thing is our final is only going to be 25% of our total grade. I've had worse and passed. I'm looking forward to the challenge.