Friday, March 25, 2011

No motivation this morning.  I need to drag my lazy butt to class, however I would rather go back to my bed.  Instead I'm about to head out the door and onward to the college.  Really can't miss Chemistry, it's my worse subject and missing classes is not a good thing.  One of my favorite classes but still the one that's the hardest for me to do.
Ugh this post is just rambling and making no sense really.  Really need to quit procrastinating and head out already.  Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lovely, Lovely Spring

My tulips are starting to bloom (pictures will come later).  It's been in the 70s and 80s past few days.  I'm itching to work in the garden, however my mouth is bugging too much to think of doing anything real strenuous.   Last night it was awful and I nearly cried when removing the denture and then when putting it back in to eat dinner.  Today not as bad (knocking on wood), this morning I had to take a pain pill and miss my first class (my medicine makes me very sleepy).  I'm still going in here in a bit to take my Statistics test and get in a few minutes at the gym.  Taking it fairly easy but not going to let 12 extractions deter me from my goals.  I'm just over 3lbs from reaching my first goal of a 10lb weight loss in 6 weeks.  The 6 week date is Thursday, so probably won't make it by then.  I'm really close though and I'm happy.
Going to have to take pictures of my chickies, too.  They have doubled in size since we bought them.  I don't know if I posted about them or not.  I have three red sex link and three black sex link.  All are girls(or so we are told, the farm supply we got them from said they paid extra to have them sexed so they should be) and still I named one William Wallace.  Maybe I should change that to Wilma Wallace.  When I first opened the box she jumped out and stood there.  Still when the bird cage their in is opened she's the first or one of the first to hop out.  Likes her freedom this one.  Haven't named the others yet, that will come as I get to know their personalities.  The kiddies like them and the birds are getting well used to being handled.  So hopefully they'll be easy to deal with when I take them outside.  I want to be able to let them roam in the yard, under human supervision of course, and have them go back to the coop when called.  I will have to stress to the kids they can only be loose when someone is out there to watch them.  Too many cats, dogs, hawks and owls in the area to let chickens run loose on their own.  Oh and foxes, almost forgot I saw one in the yard last summer.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


That is my mouth right now.  Very tender, no wonder right.  Having all your upper teeth removed and immediate dentures put in (that don't seem to fit very well) will do that.  I've been reading tips on how to chew, speak, etc.  What to do to make them more comfortable....well that will be fixed when I go back to the dentist on the 28th.  The dentist himself said that they can do a better fit then what they did.  He said he didn't like these at all.  I'm making myself get used to them.  There have been several times throughout the day where I want nothing more then to yank them out.  However, I dislike being toothless more then I do these teeth.  Also these dentures provide a barrier between my lower teeth and my oh so tender gums.
On the plus side, I think my face looks better, healthier.  There's a twinkle in my eyes and something about me that looks so much better then before.  I don't know if it's the teeth or the no sugar challenge.  Whatever it is I'm liking the results.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Blog

In order to make things a little more organized I've decided to move my recipes/healthy/fitness and similar items to a new blog.  Pretty soon they can be found at To Be Awesome.  The title pretty describes my health/fitness goals.  I want to be jaw-dropping fit.  I want to look like I could be in the pages of Oxygen, Women's Health, or Self magazines.  If I continue with what I've been doing the past couple months, I will get there.  So for clean eating recipes, links, advice head over to the new blog.  For fitness tips, links, advice and the like...head over there. I'll be posting recipes that work with my family, what works for me and what don't. 
This blog will continue to be my "everything else".  It'll be my junk drawer on the world wide web. If I need to vent on something, it goes here.  If something wonderful or even so-so but sorta entertaining (to me anyway) it'll go here.  My gardening and wannabe homesteading will go here.  If I'm bored and want to write some randomness, you get the idea.  So yep, junk drawer sorta fits...sounds like a good name too, hmmm.
I really like the idea of Jackie's Junk Drawer for this new name in 1, 2, 3...

Just a bit of time wasting

I need to be studying the Chemistry chapter's that tomorrow's test is over.  I need to be getting my lab report printed and ready for lab tomorrow.  I need to be writing in my lab notebook and be ready for lab tomorrow.  I need to read Ch. 5 in my History book so that I'm ready for history tomorrow.  I need to be getting my financial aid stuff together so I can turn that in tomorrow.  I need to get those beans cooking so they'll be ready for dinner tonight.
Instead I have read blogs, read Facebook statuses, updated my Facebook status, commented on group posts on Facebook and played a Facebook game.  Oh and started a load of laundry, 'cause that needs to be done as well.  I also need to finish that Statistics chapter so I can test on it Thursday.  Lots of stuff I need to be doing.  I have about 2 and a half hours before everyone starts coming home.  Instead I keep wasting time.
One scary oldest son remarked last night that he may join the National Guard.  He's only 14 so no need to worry, right.  Not, in just 3 short years he will be old enough for early enlistment.  In just 4 short years he will be old enough for enlistment and deployment.  My baby may one day be out on a front line some where fighting for this country.  Makes me just want to hold on tightly to him and whisper "slow down." I know that time stops for no man(or woman) and he's starting to get the age where everyone is telling him to make adult decisions.  Shoot in the 6th grade his math teacher was telling him he needed to be deciding on what he was going to do with his life.
Next week we go to the high school and listen to what they have to offer.  The course selections, extra-curricular activities and the like. The following week the kids are to turn in their course selections for their freshman year in high school.  In a few short months I'll have a high schooler.  Yes he needs to be thinking of a few ideas on where he is going to go in life.  However, at this moment I tell him nothing is in stone.  If in a couple years he's still thinking of joining military to pay for college, or a career or because it's seems the thing to do...we'll research it.  We will get all the information we can gather and together make the best decision for him.  He wants to go to New York and Japan.  He wants to see the great big cities, the technology.  I tell him though, at this moment just do what you are doing.  He's in Civil Air Patrol, there's lots of opportunities that can come from that. Including a future military career if he chooses.  I just want him not to rush too much.  Take one day, week, month, year at a time.  Teenage years are fleeting, and once they're gone adult responsibilities come only too fast.
Well guess it's time to step away from the computer and get some studying done.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rainy Monday

Suppose to rain most of the morning, sounds like it's started already.  Wouldn't be a bad thing if I had my garden done and my windshield wipers would work right.  My middle son also has baseball practice tonight, woohoo mud.  My youngest son is playing as well, but his coach hasn't gotten a hold of us yet.  So if I don't hear anything today I'll give the guy who is head of the sports things at the parks and rec to see what's up.  Some of the other teams have already had one practice (tonights practice will be middle's second one already).  As of Saturday I knew I wasn't the only one who hadn't received a call, so maybe it's just a busy coach. 
Sugar challenge is going great.  I wanted to give in last night, but stuck with it.  I've lost a couple inches and 7lbs since January of this year.  Most of that has been within the last month, two of those pounds were in the last week.  I'm not hungry, I don't feel like I'm giving up much.  I'm just having to be a bit creative with my food and using my two fruit a day to satisfy my sweet tooth.  My skin is starting to look healthier, my belly feels smaller and hopefully I'll start having more energy soon.  Right now by 8-9pm I'm wore out and ready for bed.  However I'm up most days by 5:20 in the morning and weekends no later then 8.  I put in long days so it shouldn't be surprising that I need to go to bed by 9.  However, I'm rarely asleep before 10pm so it seems useless to lay down so early.  
Hubby is going to take off early Thursday to go with me to the dentist's office.  Having 12( I think) teeth pulled with three of them needing to be surgically removed is a big ordeal.  I was wondering if I was going to feel like driving afterwards (it's about a 35 minute drive from there to the house).  I think he was worried too.  
Well have a wonderful, wet day everyone.  Nice thing is after this little cold front goes through we'll be in the 70's.  So glad spring is right around the corner and there will be fewer and fewer cold fronts for a while.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sugar Challenge

I slipped a little on the F You Sugar Challenge.  However, I'm getting back into it with the help of another challenge.  The Gracious Pantry and Fit Fabulous Forever started a two-week no sugar challenge on Facebook. No added sugar of any type, no natural sugars (honey, molasses, etc), No sugar.  Allowed two pieces of fruit a day.  It's pretty strict but I think I can do it for two weeks.  I need to do it. My plan is to follow this challenge along with the other challenge.  When this two weeks are over (on 03/24/2011), I'll still be on the F You Sugar challenge and will be able to use small amounts of natural, clean sugars. 
Next Thursday I go back to the dentist to get my teeth pulled and top denture.  On St. Patrick's Day. I wonder if I wear green if it'll be less painful.  Should make following these challenges easier as I most likely won't feel like eating anything at all for a few days.
Well I need to get off of here, start laundry, work out and do some homework.   I've been on spring break this week and have been rather lazy.  The week is almost over so I guess it's time to get busy.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fat Tuesday

No I'm not Catholic.  I wouldn't even to go so far to say I'm Christian.  I'm more neo-pagan I suppose if I must have a religion.  I believe that  there are things greater then us and that if we pray/ask nicely/meditate/worship or whichever then these greater things/beings will help us when we are in need. That is a run on sentence if I've ever seen one.  Oh well, anyway.  I believe what you believe is a private thing between you and whatever deity you choose.  
That all being said this year I'm choosing to celebrate Fat Tuesday and upcoming season of Lent in my own fashion.  I'm not giving up anything material (I've already given up processed sugar, anymore right now would be way too much).  Instead I'm going to set aside a few minutes every day to meditate and move past past hurts.  I want to use the next 40 days to learn how to forgive and forget.  People have hurt me and mine in big ways and small in the past 32 years of my life.  Most of the small stuff I've let go, there are a few big things that I hang on to.  I need to let these go as well, I'm afraid of becoming bitter.  If you ever had the joy of truly knowing me you know that I'm not a bitter person.  I'm mostly optimistic (though a heavy dose of doubt gets thrown in once and a while).  While I don't trust easy, I do give everyone I meet a good chance and think that most people are good.  At least until they prove otherwise.
I'm working to clean up my life.  I'm working on my body by trying to put clean foods into it.  I've cut out a lot of processed items and continue to refine my intake until I get to the point I feel I've reached my personal optimum. I'm encouraging my family to eat healthier and make better food sources.  I'm trying to lose fat and gain muscle.  I'll get there.
I'm working on my house.  I'm trying to go one room at time and remove clutter and dirt.  Our home needs to be welcoming, energizing, relaxing. It needs to be your safe place.  I'll get there.
I need to start working on my mind.  My motivation levels drop fast.  This makes stop working out, stop trying to eat better, stop cleaning.  I need to work on keeping these up.  I need to clean my mind of junk.  I need to move past grudges that seem to border on obsession.   It's just not worth the time and thought processes to continue.  So I'm going to find a way in the next 40 days to purge my mind and gain freedom from petty grievances, grudges, and much more.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Another Urban Home-stead day of Action

While I'm not quite taking part in today's day of action I'm doing my part by directing everyone reading this to Take Back Urban Home-steading(s)'s Facebook page .  Take a few minutes and watch members YouTube video's on home-steading.  It is important that we urban home-steaders and homesteading wannabe's stand together and do not let someone trademark our lifestyle.  I've read somewhere that they are wanting to buy acreage in South America to set up their own commune.  Guess where part of the money for this venture is coming from.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sugar Challenge update and some worries

Sugar challenge is going fairly well.  I had one slip up yesterday and took a sip of my hubby's mt. dew and ate two small york peppermint patties.  Was really wanting chocolate and did not want to dig into the milk chocolate, chocolate chips that are in the freezer.  One small slip is not a failure, it just makes me more determined to do this right.  I'm going to be planning some meals for the upcoming week this weekend.  Tonight is pork chops, corn(not sure what I'm going to do with yet, but I want some corn) and maybe some brown rice...a garlicky rice sounds good, with some sauce from the pork drippings(my hubby has to have sauce/gravy with his rice or he won't eat it).  Yea that sounds like a plan.  I also have some cantaloupe that needs to be eaten so that will be dessert.  Tonight I'll figure out a meal plan for the week and make a trip to Save-a-lot tomorrow for anything we need and don't have.  It'll have to be stuff that won't add up to more then twenty dollars this week.
Reason for this is I just paid 1905.00 on dentures (just the tops this time).  Yep I'm in my early 30's and need dentures.  Main reason for this is plain old-fashioned poor dental hygiene.  Though breast-feeding babies every other year from 1996 to 2001 probably didn't help much.  That and I know I don't get enough calcium, I rarely drink milk (only milk I take in is in baking) and I'm not real good at remembering to take a multi or calcium pill everyday.  Need to I know, for my bone health.  I'll get there just not in the habit yet.
I'm not worried about being fairly young and needing dentures.  What I worry about is more important and probably going to seem a bit shallow.  My worries are more about my looks and my love life.  Will my hubby still want to kiss me with dentures in my mouth?  Will I start to look like an old lady? Is there ways to prevent this? Hubby says he will still kiss me.  I wonder though, will it be pecks or good 'ol french kiss.  I've actually been googling "kissing with dentures" to see what others say.  So far it's promising.
Also I wonder if it's okay to leave the dentures in 24 hours(minus like time needed to clean them) as long as I keep them very clean.  I don't want to develop sores, but I don't want to go without any teeth in my mouth either.  This question I know I can ask the dentist/dental hygenist...still makes me wonder though.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tired of Bad News

Well the main bad thing is that my 5 year old nephew has had some blood tests come back and the results are not good.  I've mentioned him on this blog before, also here, and here to point out a few times.  Anyway we're waiting on pins and needles and praying/hoping that it's just a little bad not super bad.  I'm just making sure I'm prepared to make the seven hour drive to Knoxville if needed.

Other sorta bad news is that my sister's grandma (my step-grandma I guess you could classify her) isn't doing to well.  She's weak, barely recognizes anyone, barely eats and has lost weight and is doing the I'm-about-to-go-home thing that if you've worked in a nursing home you know that they usually mean it when they start to say that. It may not be that day, week, month...but my experience is that it's usually within the year. My sister said she's not looking good and she would be surprised if grandma made it to her birthday next month.  I say this is sorta bad because grandma is in her early 90's.  She's old, she's lived a long time.  She's buried two sons, a daughter and her husband (not to mention parents and other odd family members). She's tired and if she thinks it's time to go meet her family again then I say let her.

Okay so now need some other things as death and sickness is depressing. Especially since right now I can't do anything about either one except light candles and make wishes.  I don't like feeling helpless, I want to be able to say this is what is wrong and this is how we'll fix it.  It sounds like they may be finally coming to a diagnosis, but it's not sounding like one we want to hear.

Anyway tomorrow I get to go and bite some silly putty. Well last time I had impressions made of my mouth it was similar to silly putty.  I'm going to another dentist and getting ready to have an upper plate made.  I'm young too young to have to be getting this done.  I've also been so stupid when it came to my dental health. I preach to my kids the importance of taking care of their teeth, I hope they are listening.  32 is way to young to be needing dentures.  I've seen 80 year olds with all their teeth, now why couldn't of I been that disciplined.
I'm hoping to be able to get my teeth pulled next week when the college is out for spring break.  I still have a million and one things to do for my classes, but at least this way I won't have to go to class and can sit at home, studying and writing while trying to heal.

Tomorrow I'll post an update on my F you sugar challenge and a recipe for Deer Stroganoff, that was really yummy.