Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm going to try a challenge

I decided to try Crunch Chicken's Food Waste Reduction Challenge 2010. I think it'll be interesting to see how I can utilize leftovers (reuse or freeze for later use) and keep from throwing away spoiled food that has been forgotten in the fridge. You can read all the rules for the challenge at the link above or the link in the sidebar. I need to make myself a rule, if I freeze something I need to use it within two weeks...because if I don't I'm likely to end up with lots of mystery meals in the deep freezer.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Making Plans

Well, I've been making plans in case I don't get accepted into the nursing program for next fall. Yesterday I filled out an application for University of Memphis with a Major in Chemistry. I plan on doing a Major in Chemistry w/ a concentration in Biochemistry with possibly a minor in Biology. What does that all have to do with nursing? Not much. I've decided that if I don't get into the nursing program then I'll switch and go for medicine. The new requirements for a Nurse Practitioner (has to have a doctorate now) takes 7-8 years. To be a doctor in Family medicine takes 10-11 years. 3 years, to me, is not that big of difference. So I decided to reach for the brass ring and, all subject to me not being accepted into the nursing program, go for the MD. To be honest with myself, I would probably make a better doctor then a nurse. I have a tendency to strive for more autonomy then allowed. I will be in my 40s when all's said and done....but that still gives me at about 30 years or more to practice. 10 youngest son and I will be graduating at the same time, him high school and me college. We'll have to through a heck of a graduation party.
Hubby has said he doesn't mind...he said if he hasn't minded about me going to school the past 10 years (on and off) why would he mind another 10. I have such a great he better make sure to stay on top of the buildings he's working on from now out(yesterday he took a tumble..managed to catch himself, but the thought of him falling is terrifying and I don't like reminders of how dangerous his job is.)
I'll post more when I know more. Now I'm off to print out transcript requests to send to the 3 other colleges I've attended so that I'll be ready for U of M this summer (Go Tigers!).

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello 2010!

It's been a year...not a great year, not a bad year just a year. I took some classes and tried to get into a nursing program but was rejected due to lack of space. My youngest son had surgery on his ear. I now have two children in middle school and two in elementary. My oldest son is now a teenager. That is about it for 2009. Nothing spectacular happened but nothing super traumatic either. I guess it's kinda nice in a way to have it that way. I hope that 2010 sees me going into a nursing program. Even if that doesn't happen I will go back to school in August if nothing else just to pursue another degree. I've came to the decision that if I do not get accepted in to Baptist College I'll try for Memphis' nursing program. If I'm not accepted into that one then I will pursue another career choice and will decide that perhaps nursing is not for me even though it is a dream...I guess sometimes our dreams can lead us down a wrong path. Don't know, not gonna dwell on that at the moment will think on it more IF I happen to get to that particular fork in the road.
As for new year resolutions, I wasn't going to make any. I since decided why not. It helps me to have a goal...even if I only stick with it a short time. So for 2010:
1. I want to continue to gain knowledge on how to be healthier and try harder to implement that knowledge in mine and my family's life. I'm looking for that Aha moment. That information that I believe I can use and stick with that my family will like.
2. I want to finish my projects. I have a number of knitting and woodburning projects started or at least in the planning stage that I have yet to finish. I want to start finishing what I start.
3. I want my garden to succeed this year. Past two years I ended up letting my garden go to weeds due to lack of attention from my part. This year I'm going to make myself tend to it on a regular basis.
4.Paint my house. I'm tired of white walls, it's my home I want it to reflect mine and my family's personalities.
5. I would like to put be more organized on here but I don't know if that has a chance of happening. I would like to start small though. Buying hanging files so that I can keep important papers where I can find them if needed. Getting an in and outbox for kiddies school papers that need to be signed or shown to me. Seeing the top of my desk would be nice as well. If I can do that then I think I can start on organizing the rest of my life, lol.

Well that's a good start I think. Some of my resolutions are repeats of prior years so I really outta add to actually finish my resolutions...but I think I've said that before. Anyway I hope everyone reading this has a blessed 2010 and may all your hopes and dreams for the year come true.