Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Decision

    I had thought to write about this in the previous post, however, I thought it deserved a post all on it's own.
Last Sunday turned out to be a big day for my and my youngest son Matthew.  We were in sermon listening to the guest pastor preach.  He was telling a story of young girl who wouldn't let her pastor pray with her and accept Jesus in church.  Then after church the girl and her parents were in a car accident on the way home.  The parents survived but the girl was trapped in the car. While they were trying to get her out the car catches fire and the girl cried out at the very end that she wishes she would of prayed earlier.  The guest pastor then asked us, the congregation, if we were 100% sure we would go to heaven.  If we were we were  to raise our hand, I didn't raise mine.  If we weren't sure then we were invited to come down for the invitation.
    I wasn't sure.  I didn't go down at first. I watched about 20 or more people make their own way down and I stood there.  I looked down at my son to see if he seemed like he wanted to go, however he raised his hand.  In his youthful look on life, he is sure he's going to heaven.  So he was fine standing there watching everyone else.  I glanced over at my friend and she was watching people walk down.  The pastor calls out the invitation again, asking everyone who didn't raise their hand to come down.  My friend goes "I really want to go down there." I said "Me too, do you want to go together?"  So as a group my friend, her husband and two sons, me and my son all make our way from the balcony to the altar.  She kept saying that she had heard if you knew, if Jesus was with you, you felt it in your heart.  She said that while she had been saved and baptized, she never had that feeling and was worried about it.  Me, I wanted to cry on the way down to the altar.  I was so scared and nervous about making this step I was shaking.  It wasn't a bad feeling, it was actually good.  It was like I had so much joy in finally making this step it was overwhelming me.  I was in a slight stage of shock from it all.  We sat down with the church counselor and discussed everything. My son and I filled out the info card for baptism and officially joining the church.  Yes last Sunday my son and I made the decision to be baptized.  We are already saved being that we let Jesus in, now we just have to be obedient in following his directions.
    One thing that made me nervous was my age.  How does a person, who has been to church several times in their life, get to their early 30s with out being baptized.  My only answer was it never felt like the right time.  As a child I never really felt the call, and didn't know how to ask.  I knew God listened to my prayers, I knew Jesus stood by me during the very hard times I had growing up.  I never took that step.  I guess last Sunday God told me it was time, take that step.
    Next Sunday, my family and I will get up and dress in our Sunday clothes.  We will attend Sunday school.  At the start of the 1030 service my youngest son and I will be baptized.  I'm excited about it all and I think he is too.  He was telling everyone he saw last Sunday that he was going to be baptized.  My sweet little boy.  My friends little boy made the decision as well.  It'll be a big day for all of us.

    Time is flying by this semester.  We are already 4 weeks into it, next week I have a round of first tests.  I have a project in my Intro to Foods class due in about 3 weeks and haven't done much to get it started.  So I guess I'll need to do that today.  I need to get caught up on my chapter reading so I'll be ready for those tests next week.   A lot of my classes feel like they're pretty much self-taught and you show up twice a week for attendance and to listen to the teacher drone on about random things.  Some things actually applying to the subject matter other things just some sort of tangent the professor has let the students draw them down.
Since everything in the chapters we've supposedly gone over is up for grabs when it comes to the test, it's up to the student to make sure to read and study the test.  It also means you're notes are probably worthless, since the teacher didn't go over much in class.  So I've taken to outlining the chapters, in some of my classes, while the professor is talking.  If the professor mentions or writes down something worth remembering I jot it down.  I'm just there, partly listening mostly doing my I thing.  Not the most ideal way of doing things, especially with tuition being approximately 1,000/class(300+ dollars a credit hour) and it feels like I'm paying to teach myself.

    I haven't been doing to well with my to do lists so I'll make one for today:

Eat Breakfast
Get kids out the door on time
Go to post office to mail a package that's nearly a week late getting out
Go to Gen Chem II
Eat lunch that I brought from home
Workout in gym for one hour
Go to library to work on project for Food Science
While at library, do lab report for tomorrow
Read over tonight's chapter for Management
Work on lab report for Chemistry
Go to 5:30 class
Finally go home

Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday To Do List

On Friday's I have no class, well some may say I have no class any day of the week but that's another thing all together.  I don't have to go to class on Fridays. Yeah that's a better way to word that.  So I'm going to begin making a Friday to do list in order to get caught up on all the things that get put off Monday through Thursday.  I don't want to spend my entire weekend tied to the house, unless that's what I really want to do.  I haven't been to a baseball game in two weeks. I'm never home before 7:30pm so I don't get to spend much time with Hubby and the kiddies.  I'm all for quality over quantity when it comes to family time (because you can spend all day with your family but never spend any quality time with them), so I'm going to try and keep my weekends as open as I can for them.  Now I do have papers, lab reports and various other homework items that may get in the way. However, I can do the majority of this work between classes and on Fridays while Hubby and the kiddies are at work/school.  Also Friday is going to be designated my laundry/housework/baking/freezing day.

So without further ado here is today's to do list:

Eat breakfast
Go for a run (no days off when it comes to exercise)
Do today's workout from Mamavation's 2 week challenge
Find an International grocery store to explore( research for a paper due Monday)
Drop off Hubby's check at his bank
Start 1st load of laundry
Spend 30 minutes cleaning living room
Change over laundry, Start 2nd load
Work on lab report for Intro to Foods
Check on Chemistry homework
Check laundry
Spend 15 minutes cleaning dinning room
Lunchtime, check emails, facebook blogs
Spend 1 hour doing yardwork, hopefully get fall garden planted
Go over chapters needing to be read and check for anyway homework missed(reading can be done at various down times over the weekend, I'm bad about missing homework with my class load so I'm trying to avoid that this semester).
Check Laundry
Do 1 hour in kitchen (this room takes the hardest hit during the week)
Start dinner? Mix doughs for biscuits and breads maybe some cookies for the week.
Bake whatever needs baking, freeze whatever needs freezing.
Work on apron for Country Pleasures Apron Swap

It looks like a lot but I'm also trying to make sure I limit time in the black hole known as the internet.  Since some of the things to do can be done concurrently, it really shouldn't seem like a lot once I get going.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Random Ramblings

Yep, this is going to be a disorganized post. Not surprising, huh. Anyway I figured I would jot (type?) down some things that are bumping around in my head in order to clear it so I can get some sleep.
I just finished Chemistry homework so there shouldn't be too much going on up there.

Anyway, my first thought, I'm really liking this church. I've been thinking about signing up for their connect class. It's a class that teaches you about the church. It's workings, missions, going ons and how to become a member of the church. It's for new members and those, like me, who are considering membership. I'm afraid of it though. It's really a unjustifiable fear. I'm afraid because in order to become a member I'll have to be baptized. Some how in my 32 years of living I've avoided baptism. Not that I wanted to avoid it, it just never really has came up. How do you admit that to a group of people you barely (not really at all) know? I'm thinking of just waiting, continuing to go to service and Sunday school, and maybe catching the next class. It's a real big step and I want to be for sure for sure that this is what I want. I'll pray and meditate on it some more, I'm fairly sure but want to 100 (or at least 90) percent sure.

Next thought, I'm waiting on a phone call. I know it's coming and I know it's going to be a pain in the booty. Because this person is a pain in the booty. We had to go to Missouri last Friday for a funeral. My Hubby's aunt (a real sweet, well-loved, faithful woman) passed away and we wanted to go and pay our respects. It had been years since we had seen her and it's kind of depressing that it takes something like this to see her again, but we wanted to do it. So, we drove up there attended the funeral and went to the cemetery and then out to my hubby's grandparents house for a meal. We saw family that we hadn't seen for years and they commented on how old Hubby was looking (yep he loved that). Our kids didn't know a lot of the relatives (including the aunt who passed), but still enjoyed playing with the cousins they knew and those they didn't know. Afterwards we saw the house Hubby's brother is moving to and then went on to his mom's to stay the night. We left as early Saturday morning as we could because Hubby had to work on Sunday. After reading all this do you see something we didn't do...well what we didn't do was let my mother know we were going to be in town.
See, last time we were up (I know I blogged about this) she treated us badly and made us feel like seeing us was the last thing she wanted to do. She went on how we used her and all she was was a bed and breakfast and blah blah blah. Nevermind that we didn't stay at her house and only ate a meal there because we thought it was what she wanted. Never mind that we planned on spending an entire day with her (from 8am to about 5pm) and had made sure we had the time to do it. We sure could of found better ways of spending our time then being made to feel like a nuisance when we were trying to make sure she got to see her grandkids. So this time since it was a short, unplanned trip. We decided it was best not to tell here, because she would of been blowing our phones up trying to get us to extend our time (and our pockets I'm sure) in order to visit with her. She really would of not cared that Hubby had to be at work at 5am on Sunday. Her thought would of been just call in. Our bills, food, having a roof over our head, is none of her concern. It's her world we just exist in it. I know how the woman thinks, I lived with her for 17 years. She's been on a roll with other family members, so whats more fuel for the fire.
Well, at first I wanted to write more, but it's late and I've really got to go to bed. Thank you blog world for reading and good night.