Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday To Do List

On Friday's I have no class, well some may say I have no class any day of the week but that's another thing all together.  I don't have to go to class on Fridays. Yeah that's a better way to word that.  So I'm going to begin making a Friday to do list in order to get caught up on all the things that get put off Monday through Thursday.  I don't want to spend my entire weekend tied to the house, unless that's what I really want to do.  I haven't been to a baseball game in two weeks. I'm never home before 7:30pm so I don't get to spend much time with Hubby and the kiddies.  I'm all for quality over quantity when it comes to family time (because you can spend all day with your family but never spend any quality time with them), so I'm going to try and keep my weekends as open as I can for them.  Now I do have papers, lab reports and various other homework items that may get in the way. However, I can do the majority of this work between classes and on Fridays while Hubby and the kiddies are at work/school.  Also Friday is going to be designated my laundry/housework/baking/freezing day.

So without further ado here is today's to do list:

Eat breakfast
Go for a run (no days off when it comes to exercise)
Do today's workout from Mamavation's 2 week challenge
Find an International grocery store to explore( research for a paper due Monday)
Drop off Hubby's check at his bank
Start 1st load of laundry
Spend 30 minutes cleaning living room
Change over laundry, Start 2nd load
Work on lab report for Intro to Foods
Check on Chemistry homework
Check laundry
Spend 15 minutes cleaning dinning room
Lunchtime, check emails, facebook blogs
Spend 1 hour doing yardwork, hopefully get fall garden planted
Go over chapters needing to be read and check for anyway homework missed(reading can be done at various down times over the weekend, I'm bad about missing homework with my class load so I'm trying to avoid that this semester).
Check Laundry
Do 1 hour in kitchen (this room takes the hardest hit during the week)
Start dinner? Mix doughs for biscuits and breads maybe some cookies for the week.
Bake whatever needs baking, freeze whatever needs freezing.
Work on apron for Country Pleasures Apron Swap

It looks like a lot but I'm also trying to make sure I limit time in the black hole known as the internet.  Since some of the things to do can be done concurrently, it really shouldn't seem like a lot once I get going.

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