Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I love my country, even with all it's flaws.  It's a great country. It's full of citizens with promise and ideas, citizens willing to take a stand for change.  A couple of the flaws is our antiquated government and tons of people resilient to change. Our hopes lay within my generation and the generation we're currently raising. We are the ones who will initiate change, we hope the next will continue it.  It will be easier in another 10-20 years as the older generation retires.

 I love my country, I love my president and I will vote for him in November.  The other candidates scare me. If they're elected I see: women having fewer choices, more jobs sent overseas, people with less say over their lives as they'll have no one able to advocate for them. Tuition will rise; so dreams of a better education for many will be crushed. Like the saying goes "the rich get richer." It will be true with no one standing up for the middle and lower classes.

I remember on election night November 2008 watching the votes come in. For a brief minute, McCain was in the lead. My heart stopped, I was terrified. I had brothers-in-law fighting what seemed a never ending war overseas. The economy was tanking, people losing homes left and right. In my heart I knew that it would of only gotten worse if he was elected. I just stood there staring at the screen, until finally the votes swung back in favor of Obama. It was only a few felt forever.

I feel the same worry now.

I honestly feel that Obama deserves another 4 years. When you're dealing with people so this stuck in their rut, change doesn't happen quickly. Obama is trying. It's no wonder that he's gotten some much more grey hair the past 4 years. I probably would of done yanked myself bald if I had to deal with the Congress he has to deal with. If a country can elect a president that sent us to war, went over our Congress's heads many times, increased the power of the President enough to earn the nickname "King George," why can't we give the guy who was brave and willing enough to step up and attempt to fix things another chance.

People complain about budget cuts, shortages, taxes...people have a screwed up memory. I don't post on facebook my political standpoint, because I know several people on there see things differently. It's another great thing about our country, you're allowed an opinion. You're allowed to disagree with others opinions...unless your in my family...then you're better off biting your tongue. This is where I give my favorite piece of advice. It's helpful in nearly every situation. Whether you're dealing with annoying people, religion or politics. You look at them and just smile and nod.  You can be thinking anything you want, but just smile and nod.

Anyhow, even with this being an election year, I won't be talking anymore politics on this blog. I'm tired of hearing political mumbo jumbo already (and we have another 6 months to go). So I won't contribute to the plague that will be coming. I will be standing at the polling booth on Tuesday, November 6th ready to place my vote and will not be swayed by mud slinging that is beginning and bound to get worse.