Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Hump Day

Well it's Wednesday. I was reading through my posts (Ok not all of them just the ones on the front page). I noticed I have not put anything on here lately about our house buying adventure. Basically, it sucks. We've been trying for this house for about 3 weeks now. We've gone through the making the offer, the counter-offer, having it accepted, getting the pre-approval from a lender and all that. Now we are having problems with the loan. It seems that the house we are trying for was set up for a convential loan. We are approved for a FHA loan and due to mistakes in the past we cannot get approved for a convential loan. So the bank that owns the house (it's a foreclosure) is being slow in getting back with our lender on seeing about switching it over. We told our realtor and put it on the contract that we were approved for a FHA loan. We were not told that it was set up for a conventional loan until after the contract had been accepted. It says no where on the paper we had been given with the info on the house about only certain types of loans being accepted. So lately we've been getting phone calls from our realtor saying it looks like it's not going to work. Then we'll get a call from our lender saying it looks OK he's going to try another route. Then we'll get another call saying nope it's not going to work. Hubby and I are about to where we just don't want the house any more. So today I'm wondering what the phone well bring me.
On another note, I've became a consultant/rep for Pink Ladybug Spa Essentials and they/we are having a grand re-opening on October 1st. I'll put something about that up here later.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey, Guess What? It's Monday.

What a title, I know. My creative juices are just not flowing yet, but I wanted to put something on here. Don't know why just felt like it, I guess. We haven't had any good new on the house yet. Well, really we have not had any news. Just the same old line we heard all week last week.
I was reading on another blog ( about running and thought that was something I would like to get into. I was in cross-country and track way back in middle school. I loved running then. I do not know how I would find the time now, and I don't know where to run around here where I would feel safe. I think I'll wait till after we move and get me a big o' dog to run with (I'm thinking Rottweiler, lol). Well, guess I need to go and find something to motivate me to do something today.

Friday, September 21, 2007

It's a bit sad really...

My oldest son was asking hubby and I if he was going to be the first to move out. Well I told him "I don't know, ask me again in 7 years." Hubby looks over at me and goes, "Don't say that." At first I was like say what, then it hit me. We only have about 7 to 8 years left with our little boy. He'll be 11 in November. Don't you hate it when something makes you realize how little time you have before your kids are grown up and on their own. It sucks 'cause they are in such a hurry to get there too. Pretty soon he'll be driving. He'll be interested in girls. Pretty soon he will no longer want a kiss on the forehead before he goes to sleep at night. Pretty soon I'll turn into "Mom" instead of being "Mommy" (at least to him, I do have 3 other children but their all so close in age that change will probably include them all).
Life sometimes sucks.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Can't Complain 'Cause it was Free

Did anyone else take advantage of Walgreen's free ink refills yesterday. Were you able to get it done yesterday? I went in yesterday and handed them my cartridge, they give me this little ticket and tell me to pick it up after 5:30pm today. I go in about a quarter to 6 today and they tell me it should be done tomorrow. I guess the machine broke down last night. But, I cannot complain because it was/is free so I guess I get to just sit and wait on the stuff I was hoping to print out. Makes me iffy about actually paying for their ink refill service.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Remembering 9/11

Yes I know it was yesterday, but I was thinking of a blog I read yesterday. This lady had wrote about everyday type stuff she deals with like she usually does and someone kinda jumped up and said something to the point like it's 9/11 why are you writing/worrying about everyday stuff when 6 years ago thousands of people's lives changed forever. While this is true, people need to realize life does go on. You can write every year on the anniversary of what happened that day on what you were doing, how the events had changed your life and etc. But, it's ok if you don't. You don't see people writing about the Oklahoma City bombing every year (even though I'm sure there are some who do). There are a lot of tragic events that have happened in the past 15-20 years that people don't blog/write about every year. If you keep bringing up the past how are you suppose to live in the present and move on toward the future. Yes 9/11 was tragic, it was life-altering, those people that lost their lives are missed greatly. Yes 9/11/2001 changed all of our lives, probably more then some people realize. But I am alive, I lost no loved ones in New York, Pennsylvania or D.C. (thank Goddess). If I choose not to dwell on the events of the day 6 years later then that's my prerogative, just like everyone else. Just for the memory I remember exactly what I was doing as the towers went down. I was in the living room with my children and my mom who had come down for a visit. I was turning through the channels to find cartoons for my kids and I happened to catch live footage of the buildings. My first thought was "Omg we have just went to war" my second thought was worry for my bil who was in the army. Fortunately my life my kids lives, and my husbands life went on that day and still does go on.
I know I'm just rambling now and making no sense and if your actually reading this mess your wondering what in the heck my point is. I guess it's this... just because someone doesn't donate every minute of their day on 9/11 to remembering the events of 9/11/2001 that does not make them any less patriotic then those that do. It just makes them human and normal.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Don't Get Mad...Get Glad

Lol, no not really. It's too early to come up with a much more clever title. I was just thinking, do you ever want to tell someone just shut up already. There is this person, I don't want to mention names just in case she ever reads this, I care for her a lot and mean this in the kindest way. But sometimes I just want to shake her and tell her to shut up already. Every time I talk to her she's either complaining about one person or another. These two people cannot do anything right it seems like. Now one of them and I had a falling out way back in February, while I'm not angry with her anymore I can no longer trust her but wish her the best of luck with her latest adventure. She's trying to be brave and moved away from her family to a place she wants to call home. She's trying to make a place where her and her kids will be happy. More power to her, isn't that what we all are trying to do. Today while talking to the first person I mentioned, this first person had nothing positive to say at all. Nothing like a load of negativity first thing in the morning.
I try to put a positive light on it and tell well she's doing this and this and says this kid is happy and doing this and maybe she's trying her best right now. Well the first person was like "that will never last". I just wanted to say Ugh and get over it and wish her best of luck already. She's family (they're all family) and you just cannot stay mad or hold a grudge with family (or anyone for that matter) life is too short and it's too much work to do that. Much easier to just let everything go wish the person best of luck and keep in touch.
Reading back on what I just wrote I know it probably doesn't or won't make sense to anyone but me, but I got it off my chest for awhile. Probably just until I talk to the first person again. It's what I was put on this world for I guess, to be every ones sounding board (or would it be bitch board). Maybe I chose the wrong career path to go on, maybe instead of nursing I should go into counseling or psychiatry ::insert eye rolling here::.