Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Day two is done. I feel great and am the point where I wonder why I don't keep running all the time. It was a chilly 48 degrees tonight. Enough wind to make me have a couple second thoughts, but I persevered.

One more day of running scheduled this week. I'm going to do it tomorrow. There a big bad artic front coming through late tomorrow night and I'm sure I won't want to be out in the very cold temperatures forecasted for Thursday and Friday.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Day 1 a couple days later than intended

So my plan was to start training on Saturday. However that ended up being a cold, miserable, wet day that I couldn't find the motivation to go out in.  Sunday was less wet but just as cold. Today wasn't perfect. It was damp and gray, but I knew I needed to lace up and put feet to pavement if I was going to meet my goals.

I ran 30 minutes using the couch to 10k app. I went around a 1\2 mile path 3 times plus going from the apartment to and from there. I'm estimating the  total distance to be around 2.5 miles. Pretty slow I know. That doesn't matter at this point. What does is that I got out and did it.

My middle son ran with me. I love it when I can get one of my kiddos or hubby to exercise with me. It makes for a wonderful experience.

Friday, December 02, 2016

So I post at the beginning of the year and then let the blog sit, lonely and neglected. I'm such a bad blog owner. Good thing it's not a living, breathing thing.

However, I am bringing this old thing back to life. I've been slacking when it comes to eating right and exercising this year. I've put on weight and I just can't accept this. My body does not fit. It's lumpy and squishy. I haven't had the energy I am used to having. I've been having joint pain in my ankles as well. This is not my home. So it's time to do some repairs.

I'm reopening this blog and am going to use it for accountability. I've decided to create the goal of running the Navy 10 nautical miler in June. This gives me 6months from Sunday to train. Training starts tomorrow morning.