Monday, December 05, 2016

Day 1 a couple days later than intended

So my plan was to start training on Saturday. However that ended up being a cold, miserable, wet day that I couldn't find the motivation to go out in.  Sunday was less wet but just as cold. Today wasn't perfect. It was damp and gray, but I knew I needed to lace up and put feet to pavement if I was going to meet my goals.

I ran 30 minutes using the couch to 10k app. I went around a 1\2 mile path 3 times plus going from the apartment to and from there. I'm estimating the  total distance to be around 2.5 miles. Pretty slow I know. That doesn't matter at this point. What does is that I got out and did it.

My middle son ran with me. I love it when I can get one of my kiddos or hubby to exercise with me. It makes for a wonderful experience.

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