Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Gonna get a new bike.  Well, new to me anyway.  I'll post more later, hubby wants me to just buy myself another bike so maybe I'll quit looking at bicycles online.  I told him it was bike here: . The one I'm getting isn't one of these but it's a bike.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drama, Drama Everywhere and Not a Care to Spare

I'm tired of it... I graduated high school over 11 years ago now and am done with it.  Lately drama has been coming out of the cracks in the sidewalk.  If it's not from people fussing about piddly shit at work, it's family members fussing and feuding.   I'm tired of hearing it.  If I want drama I'll turn on the tellie and watch CSI or E.R. or something.  If you want to call and tell me that so and so is doing great or about some new recipe or even ask a health question that you may think I (in my minuscule knowledge of health) may share some enlightenment on then , hey, call away.  I'm tired of the calls 'cause someone is doing this or that and you don't like all right that's good you don't like what they do here's some sage advise...tell them not me I'm not there I have no pull and ya'll are adults.  Same thing at work...well not really.
I wish at work people would just come in and do their job and go home get a paycheck and everyone is all happy happy joy joy.  Instead of grumbling that this section is so hard or that you've had the same section for two/three weeks, suck it up and thank the goddess that your the caretaker and not the one needing taking care of.  It's just a job.  I don't care that you don't like the way so and so doesn't matter as long as you do YOUR job.  I know what I do at work, I know I get my shit done.  I'm more and happy to help anyone if needed and am very grateful when someone helps me.  I don't want to go to any supervisor and complain of some nonsense that isn't hurting anyone.  Now if a resident is being neglected because of it or a coworker has been injured mentally/physically then yea lets go and draw some attention to it.  Or even if there's a better way to do something that makes our jobs easier and faster (like hiring more people so you can have shower aides) then I'm all for it.
I'm done with drama (except for certain t.v. shows and movies).  In the words of Thumper "If ya can't say anything nice....then don't say anything at all. "
All and all when it comes to my coworkers and family members...they have their good points.   Sometimes you have to look very, very, very closely to find them.  That's what you have to do have to step back when some one is busy pissin' in your Wheaties and you've had it up to your eyebrows with them and look.  Think about any positive things that person has done, if not for you personally they surely have done something for someone else.  How ever big or small...maybe they helped a lil 'ol lady across the street once or maybe they always open doors for people who have their hands full.  Just concentrate on the positive and stay back till you can hold a reasonable conversation with them.  It works.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I was hoping...

I get home, walk the dogs, kick shoes off, sit at the computer for minute.  Then I hear the bus going down the road so I get up grab a measuring/shaker cup thing to get some water ('cause I'm too tired..ahem, rinse a regular cup...and I wonder where my kiddies get it from).  Then go sit on the folding chair on my front porch to watch the kids come up the driveway.  I was also thinking how hillbilly/redneck/hickish I must look sitting barefoot, in my scrubs, hair all awry, drinking out of a measuring cup (well at least it's water not beer or whiskey).  
Anyway, I'm sitting there watching the kiddies all get off the bus and head up the driveway and my daughter picks up the mail.  I notice as she gets closer that she's holding a big, white envelope.  Now I'm thinking "let it be from Baptist, let it be from Baptist".  Then I catch the front of the envelope " Yeah let it me a graduations student or something welcoming me to the college."  I tear it open all excited like... " ...thank you for your interest and your application to the College."  It's a damn letter saying basically we got your application now sit on your duff and wait for us to tell you if we get everything we need and if your accepted.  We'll let ya know sometime between now and infinity.  Well shoot.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Poor Neglected Bike

I bought this bike like two months or more ago with every intention to ride it nearly everyday and to work on weekends. I'm sorry to say for the last month it has sat in a corner in the den like a bad kid. So today I took him out (yes it's a "him" he's designed to be a man's bike and it just wouldn't be right to call it a her) and rode him down to my friend/neighbor's house. Wow could I feel that I haven't rode my bike in four weeks. I barely made it up the slight hill to her driveway and didn't even attempt to ride up her drive. On the way home it's mostly downhill till you get to my driveway and I made it almost to the top before I had to walk it. This sucks 'cause I was riding it all the way to the top of my drive, very slowly but I made it. I don't know if I was in the wrong gear or I'm that out of's probably both. So now I vow to ride my bike more often. I'm off to wally world to get some tools to fix the kids' bikes (they're having chain problems) so that they can ride with me.

Here's my bike, he's too big for me and I'm looking at getting one that fits better. Until I do, he'll do just fine.