Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Poor Neglected Bike

I bought this bike like two months or more ago with every intention to ride it nearly everyday and to work on weekends. I'm sorry to say for the last month it has sat in a corner in the den like a bad kid. So today I took him out (yes it's a "him" he's designed to be a man's bike and it just wouldn't be right to call it a her) and rode him down to my friend/neighbor's house. Wow could I feel that I haven't rode my bike in four weeks. I barely made it up the slight hill to her driveway and didn't even attempt to ride up her drive. On the way home it's mostly downhill till you get to my driveway and I made it almost to the top before I had to walk it. This sucks 'cause I was riding it all the way to the top of my drive, very slowly but I made it. I don't know if I was in the wrong gear or I'm that out of's probably both. So now I vow to ride my bike more often. I'm off to wally world to get some tools to fix the kids' bikes (they're having chain problems) so that they can ride with me.

Here's my bike, he's too big for me and I'm looking at getting one that fits better. Until I do, he'll do just fine.

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