Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I was hoping...

I get home, walk the dogs, kick shoes off, sit at the computer for minute.  Then I hear the bus going down the road so I get up grab a measuring/shaker cup thing to get some water ('cause I'm too tired..ahem, rinse a regular cup...and I wonder where my kiddies get it from).  Then go sit on the folding chair on my front porch to watch the kids come up the driveway.  I was also thinking how hillbilly/redneck/hickish I must look sitting barefoot, in my scrubs, hair all awry, drinking out of a measuring cup (well at least it's water not beer or whiskey).  
Anyway, I'm sitting there watching the kiddies all get off the bus and head up the driveway and my daughter picks up the mail.  I notice as she gets closer that she's holding a big, white envelope.  Now I'm thinking "let it be from Baptist, let it be from Baptist".  Then I catch the front of the envelope " Yeah let it me a graduations student or something welcoming me to the college."  I tear it open all excited like... " ...thank you for your interest and your application to the College."  It's a damn letter saying basically we got your application now sit on your duff and wait for us to tell you if we get everything we need and if your accepted.  We'll let ya know sometime between now and infinity.  Well shoot.

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