Saturday, September 22, 2012

I AM Blessed

I was thinking this as I was outside pulling weeds and planting seeds in my garden this afternoon. When times get difficult (as it is for us financially at the moment) it can be hard to think of all the good things.  So while I was pulling weeds I was thinking and here are ten reasons why I am very blessed:

  1. I have my God who loves me no matter if, when, or how I screw up.
  2. I have Jesus
  3. I have a great Hubby and four wonderful kiddies
  4. I have my health, Hubby's health and four healthy kiddies.
  5. I have a large family and a large family-in-law. That means there is always someone to talk to when needed.
  6. I am able to go to college.
  7. I have a piece of this great Earth that I can plant a veggie garden to supply my family with organic, healthy food. I can also plant pretties.
  8. I have many friends, more then I realize I'm sure.
  9. I live in a great part of the United States. I find people are so nice here, it's a world a way from where I grew up.
  10. Hubby and I have jobs. His has insurance and mine works around my class schedule. That is definitely a plus in these times.
There are many more blessings that have been put upon my family and I. As I was thinking of them I was thanking God. If not for Him, I'm sure things would be different. If not for Him, I'm sure I would be unable to see the forest for the trees.  I am a detail person, I am one who tends to get lost in the details. Life is much more then the small things.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall is a Coming

and I don't like it.  I'm not much of a cool weather gal. I don't like the smell of wood stoves, fireplaces, wood burning. I don't like the chill that will be in the air. I don't like raking leaves. I don't like the rainy, cold, windy days. I don't like the idea of frost coming in the next couple of months.

I love Spring, love Summer and the only time I like winter is during the week of Christmas (after that it can go away).  I would be totally content to live where there is only Spring and Summer. I can live without leaves changing color and seeing snow (it's only pretty in pictures anyway).  At least then I wouldn't have to worry about my gardens and plants that are so susceptible to lower temps.

The morning lows for the next few days will have me digging out winter clothes 2 months earlier then I intended. I'm worried that since all the other seasons seemed to of came early this year, that winter will too. I told Hubby that we need to be prepared to spend a lot in grain and hay for our goat this year, because the grass will probably die back early.

So not ready.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm just finding out about a neat thing called box subscriptions. Okay I'm sure they've been out for a long time now. I've just had my head too far in books, notes and chemistry molecules to of seen them. They seem so neat, just a few dollars a month to get a bunch of great samples (some sample sized and some full sized) from companies that you may want to try but are iffy about putting money down on their stuff. 
One is called Cravebox. I signed up for a spot, apparently their sub spots get taken up fast. Also about once a month they list extra goodie boxes for 10-15 dollars. You get 2 to 3x or more worth of all sorts of treats.

Another one I've been thinking about signing up for is Birchbox. It's only 10.00 a month and you get beauty samples. I'm thinking of gifting this one to my daughter. How awesome would it be for a teen girl to get all sorts of beauty, make up samples in the mail.

One I did sign up for is Bulubox. Only 10.00 a month and if you go to their facebook page they have a code for a free month. It's all health related samples such as vitamins, protein supplements and such. 

Another one I signed up for is Klutchclub. It's 16-18 dollars a month (I signed up for the monthly sub so mine's 18). It's a box jam packed full of health and fitness related items. I've seen reviews of this on other blogs and can't wait to get my first box this month.

I also signed up for Mystery Tackle Box for the Hubby. A box of lures and hooks and all that kind of fishing paraphernalia is right up my fisherman's ally. He never says anything but I know he likes getting things in the mail too. It's only 15.99 a month and right now they have a code on facebook where you can get your first month for only 4.99.

I'm not getting paid or anything for these I just thought it was a neat idea and wanted to share. You can Google box subscriptions and see lots of them out there. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time Managing (or We're losing our minds)

I really need to work on my time management and procrastination. The two don't make good bedfellows. I have projects to work on, papers to write, organic chemistry to figure out, kids to spend time with, house to clean, oh and a hubby that I probably should spend time with as well.

My goal is usually to try and get all (or at the majority) of my homework/studying done before 7pm. What happens is I do some on campus, get home and eat dinner, go online and instead of research just piddle around on Facebook (or pinterest or various blogs or other things of interest online). Then around 8pm, when I should be cuddling with Hubby or conversing with the kiddies, I'm on my laptop typing away at some last minute thing for a class the next day. This makes me cranky, because I'm trying to rush through something, the kids want my attention Hubby is over pouting in his recliner trying to keep the kids out of my hair and the house is a mess.

My poor Hubby is having to take over so much since I'm in school (and working). He is making sure the kids do some chores, their homework is signed, dinner is cooked (probably 5 days a week). I go to class Tuesday-Thursday and end up working 2-3 days over the remaining four days of the week.  So I'm gone 7-8 hours a day and not getting home till after 6pm(sometimes after 9pm). My poor Hubby is tired because he's gone from 6am till 4:30pm working a very physical job and then comes home to the kiddies already home and wanting dinner.  He's such a big help and I know I don't show or say enough how much I appreciate him.

Anyway, I think over the next couple weeks I'm going to try harder to maximize my time during the day so that when I get home in the evenings I can help wrap up dinner and spend a couple relaxing hours with the family. I know I'll still have homework to do at night, I'm just going to try and minimize what I absolutely have to do so that hopefully I'll have a more restful home atmosphere. It feels as everything is hanging on a precipice and it's all about to fall apart. Not relationships but life is so disorganized right now and I feel off-balance. If I'm off balance with the way things are I know the rest of my family is. We are so close and feed off each others emotions so much. So hopefully I can get my stuff straight and then everyone else's will fall into place.

So less time wasting and more time managing. If something is due in a couple days I don't need to be browsing Pinterest. There will be plenty of time for that over winter break in a few months.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Almost done with the 2nd week of Fall semester. I think I'm doing okay so far, but I've really got to step up a bit so I don't fall behind in studying.  Trying to balance work, school and family is not easy. Doable, but not easy. It seems something is always falling by the wayside. Hopefully I don't work much this weekend so I can get caught up a bit. So far I'm only scheduled for tomorrow, I'm hoping that doesn't change. Though I figure I'll either work Sunday or Monday(I'm hoping for Monday 'cause I really would like to go to church Sunday). 
Hubby and I are about done with teenage girl angst. Last weekend she got on Hubby's last nerve, pretty difficult to do actually.  I think we are about to check into counseling for her/us. Right now, I'm just trying to take everything a day at a time. I feel as I have to walk on eggshells around her at home, and that's not a good thing. We, as parents, should not be letting a child dictate how the atmosphere at home should be. We'll get it figured out, hopefully soon. 
Well dear readers, I just thought I would put a quicky post up to let all know I'm around. I've got to get stuff together and head to class. Have a great day everyone.