Saturday, September 22, 2012

I AM Blessed

I was thinking this as I was outside pulling weeds and planting seeds in my garden this afternoon. When times get difficult (as it is for us financially at the moment) it can be hard to think of all the good things.  So while I was pulling weeds I was thinking and here are ten reasons why I am very blessed:

  1. I have my God who loves me no matter if, when, or how I screw up.
  2. I have Jesus
  3. I have a great Hubby and four wonderful kiddies
  4. I have my health, Hubby's health and four healthy kiddies.
  5. I have a large family and a large family-in-law. That means there is always someone to talk to when needed.
  6. I am able to go to college.
  7. I have a piece of this great Earth that I can plant a veggie garden to supply my family with organic, healthy food. I can also plant pretties.
  8. I have many friends, more then I realize I'm sure.
  9. I live in a great part of the United States. I find people are so nice here, it's a world a way from where I grew up.
  10. Hubby and I have jobs. His has insurance and mine works around my class schedule. That is definitely a plus in these times.
There are many more blessings that have been put upon my family and I. As I was thinking of them I was thanking God. If not for Him, I'm sure things would be different. If not for Him, I'm sure I would be unable to see the forest for the trees.  I am a detail person, I am one who tends to get lost in the details. Life is much more then the small things.

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