Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Introducing Our Newest Family Member

Like how all the guys are looking to one side while my silly girl is pretending to attack.

Well I guess, technically, we've added two members to our family this week. Yesterday my big brother added a new blessing to his family. A new bouncing baby boy arrived at 8:53 in the morning. Baby and mom are home and doing great and I guess daddy is too.
Today, with Hubby's grudgingly given okay, I got a new puppy.  He's the one in the white fur coat in the middle of the picture (just in case you couldn't tell with the other animals posing there).  We've currently dubbed him Chip (his other name was too similar sounding to one of our other four leggers name). He's a 10 month old lab mix (the previous owners think he may be mixed with a dalmation).  He's got the cutest spotted face and ears. His goofy ears just stand out from his head.  The poor little guy is undernourished due to his brother having a bad food aggression problem. He just wouldn't let him eat. So his previous owners decided to find a new home where he could eat all he wants. 

He is a timid thing as well. When he heard our two little dogs barking he didn't want to even step through the front door. After a minute of loving and coaxing he went on in. However, he wouldn't leave the front door. It's been a couple of hours now and he's starting to warm up a bit more. He's definitely a cuddle bug. Now to work on our oldest girl in reminding her that she's not the alpha.  She's having some issues and while it's sort funny seeing this little 8lb dog make a much bigger dog's not.

Well that's about it for now. I hope all my dear readers are having a great week.
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