Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a week so far

Monday we made an offer on yet another house. I hope to Goddess that we get this one. It's not perfect. It's a little smaller then other houses we've looked at and has no landscaping. But it is a 3bd/2 bath with a living room and a den(that we may convert into bedroom #4) it has a very small kitchen but has a lot of counter space for it's size and has a separate dining room. It has 1.2 acres and is in a very good location and a very good school district, so I can safely let the kids go back to p.s. and I can go to work full-time (so we can afford all this, lol). That's the good thing going on this week.

Now for everything else...well Tuesday night I was on the phone with my mom and getting ready to start dinner, Hubby and the two oldest boys were wrestling in the living room. The oldest son was in a box and Hubby was spinning him around while the middle son sat on the couch laughing. Well Hubby let go and told him to "go that way" and then Oldest son fell against middle son's head and started crying. Took Hubby a sec to realize he was crying not laughing and I had just told them all to settle down (it's bad when you have to include your husband in that). Well Hubby pulled oldest son out of the box and took him straight to the bathroom. I'm thinking oh crap at this point. Brings him out with a washcloth on his nose and I grab the cold pack(I keep rice in a baggie in the freezer for this). When Hubby removed the washcloth I took one look at oldest son's nose and say "It's broken". Hubby didn't think it was and I showed him were it curved and was bruising already. So I told mom I had to go (yea I had her on the phone all this time) and I would call her back later. So we tell the others to get ready that we're going to take oldest son to the hospital. I know some people don't go for a broken nose but this is one of my babies and I wanted to make sure air passageways were fine and all that. So we go to the emergency room and ask for directions to an urgent care clinic, because this isn't really an emergency and we don't want to set for hours in an e.r. and pay a huge e.r. bill later. So we go to one children's urgent care and they can't do xrays of the face/head so they send us to another (which I wish I would of remembered 'cause it would of saved us about 20 min of driving) and so we were there for about an hour or so. Hubby went back with oldest son 'cause oldest son wanted him to. Poor boy was nervous too. Actually both of them were. The other kids had fun with the castle they had in the waiting room. So we got told yes it was broken and to come back for a follow up when the swelling went down. Everything look ok except, of course, for the broken part. This is not the kid I would of figured for having our first broken part. I thought it would of been one of the two younger boys, because they are so wild. Or my daughter, because she's a ditz, lol. I love her and she's very smart, but she's a ditz. But no it has to be the one who rarely gets in on the rough-housing/ wrestling matches like the others. The one who would rather play with legos, video games or run, then play any contact type sport/game.

Now for our cute lil puppies. Well Monday I realized they had fleas. WTF they are only 6 weeks old, they shouldn't have fleas. The mom should of been treated for fleas and all the other dogs that were allowed outside. Well then comes Tuesday and here comes my daughter with this little white squirmy thing on her shirt and she's kinda freaking out saying it fell off the girl puppy's butt. Well crap, now not only do they have fleas but they have worms. So later this week we have to take them to a vet to be dewormed. We haven't seen any in the poop and they don't look wormy so hopefully the infection isn't too advanced. It sucks though, they are so young and she was the runt of the bunch so she's extra small.

Well it's only Thursday morning so today and tomorrow to go through yet. Hopefully nothing else too major happens. Unless the lender calls and says we can close on the house extra early, now that I definitely could handle.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Well I changed the look again

I like this better then the pink one, but I really like having a background picture or color. I'll have to play around and learn how to do this thingy. The blues and green are kinda calming and I like the winter scene, which to me is the best way to enjoy a picture.

So...How did your turkey day go?

Ours was pretty good really. I got up, put the turkey in a brine solution and went and had the kids turn on the Macy's christmas parade. The I proceeded to make biscuits for breakfast, clean house, help dd with cookies she wanted to make and do a million dishes it seemed. At about 1pm I put the turkey in the turkey roaster. At 3 pm I realized the turkey was never going to get done in the roaster because it was too big for the roaster. So I put it in the oven and got the green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole ready to be baked later and boiled the potatoes for mashed potatoes. At about 4pm I began the giblet gravy, mashed the potatoes and checked on the turkey. At about 5 pm I stuck a thermometer in the turkeys leg. It read the proper temp so I called Hubby in to pull the turkey out of the oven so it could rest (I guess it's hard work being baked/roasted). Then I put the casseroles in the oven. About 20-30 min later the casseroles were done and I called Hubby back in to carve the turkey. Well guess what, the turkey wasn't done. So we put the slices back on the stupid bird and shoved it back in the oven. Finally we got to eat somewhere between 6:30 and 7pm. We got tired of waiting and carved off slices of the bird that were done and then put the rest of the bird back in the oven on a lower temp. No one has a tummy ache or anything so I guess it was all right. It was a 20lb bird and I'm not used to cooking one that big, obviously, lol.

Other then that the rest of the day went well. I didn't have to yell at the kids(I bit my tongue a few times but I was really trying to have a good day with out a bunch of yelling). The kids didn't fight, much. Hubby was a little bored though, but he got over it. It's really nice to have holidays just hubby, me and the kiddies. I like seeing our other family members, but only on non-holiday days. It's too stressful to try and visit, keep track of kids, cook and clean and make sure everyone else is staying occupied so they can't say they had a bad time. When we go up there to visit we end up having to go to half a dozen houses because everyone wants us to visit them and then the kiddies get tired and cranky(not so bad now since they are older but when they were younger I dreaded it majorly). Then someone gets mad because we either didn't make it out to see them or they feel like we didn't spend enough time with them. Its just not worth the headache.

Staying home just the six of us is relaxing. I don't have to get up, get everyone else up, get dressed up. We can just lay around playing games, watching t.v. till the food is done. Okay so they can lay around playing games and watching t.v. I'll be in and out of the kitchen cooking the food but still it's nice.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's a double hitter

Okay I was reading over at Notes from the Trenches and the author, Chris, has a post up on Holiday cooking fiascoes. Well it wasn't a Holiday cooking fiasco, but I can remember a cooking fiasco I did once. We had just moved into our first house, I was 6 months prego with my dd and my hubby and his brother were doing all the moving in stuff. Well, we had some deer meat that I figured I would fix up for a quick meal for the three of us (oldest son was around as well, but not quite a year old and only had four teeth so no deer for him, lucky guy, lol). Well I put a ton of meat tenderizer on the deer (if you've ever had deer you know it can be kinda tough). On top of that I put salt, pepper and probably garlic salt(I like garlic salt, lol). Well I never read the ingredients on the meat tenderizer so I did not realize that it was pretty much flavored salt. So I cooked the meat. **Another tidbit here, for the first couple years I was married I had a bad tendency to overcook meat, sometimes I managed to have it nearly burnt on the outside and pink on the inside. I've since learned that I cooked it too hot and know fix it, most of the time, so tender you can cut it with a spoon. **
So the meat finally gets done and we all grab a piece. It was so salty and tough it was not edible. But bless both my hubby and brother-in-law, the rinsed off their meat and smothered it in ketchup and/or steak sauce and tried to eat it anyway. I just bawled, lol...I was tired, pregos and stressed out from buying and moving into a house and then I ruined dinner. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist and so if I do something and it turns out wrong I get really, really upset.
Well if you want to tell about your cooking fiasco you can go over to Notes From the Trenches or go over to Blogher and share.

First something yummy...

I was reading over at Baking Bites and she has this recipe for Maple Cornbread that sounds so delicious. I love cornbread, and I like it more on the sweet side. Hubby likes more savory and I usually fix it to his liking more then mine so I can get him to eat it. It strikes me funny that he's this way about cornbread when the man practically lives off little debbie cakes and pop tarts (that's usually his breakfast and lunch, he gets real food for dinner). I may just have to grab some syrup when I go get oldest sons birthday present tonight.
Well I know I said I've given up house shopping...only thing is I can't seem to stop looking at listings, lol. Doesn't help that when I tell hubby I'm done, he starts well we just need to keep looking. I'm the same way with him as well, when he's about to give up I'm saying how about just a couple more times.
So not a lot to talk about today. I didn't have much to say yesterday either. I started to post something and my mind drew a big blank and just wouldn't work. So I quit and went off to clean house. I'm wanting it clean before Thursday. I've also got my mom, two of my sisters, my 2 year old nephew and most likely my doggie nephew (okay I treat my sisters' pets as if they were family, why not they treat them as if they were one of their kids) coming down in about 2 weeks. So I've got to go around and baby proof the place. This isn't real fun, I've not had to baby proof anything for nearly 6 years except for when we get the rare visitor that has little ones. Which seems to be happening more this past year then ever, lol. Funny how when you move four hours away from everyone then all of a sudden people want to see you. When you lived just 15-20 minutes away no one ever came over.
It's always been that way for us. When we live down here people call, write, email etc... to keep in touch. When we live close to them we never hear from them. Our family is funny that way, either that or it's true absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Well I need to hurry up and get down with reading all my favorite blogs, checking emails, reading headlines and all the crap I do while drinking my first cup of coffee. I need to finish cleaning house today because trash pickup is tomorrow instead of Friday due to the holiday. BB everyone.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to please let it be over

I don't like birthdays...well I like birthdays, I like making other people feel special on their birthday, but I don't like my birthday. I don't like getting older, yea I get told I look several years younger then I am, and I hope that continues. But every year I get older just reminds me of goals I haven't met yet. I wanted to be a Rn by the time I'm thirty, welp that's not gonna happen, unless I can magically get the money and the time to fit 2-4 more years of college in the next year. I wanted us to have our own house by now, welp that don't look like it's gonna happen, unless someone just drops a deed in our lap and says its yours enjoy.

I just want to go on like it's another day today. I appreciate that everyone I know seems to remember this year (which is kinda shocking me, lol). When asked how old I am I'm throwing them all for a loop when I say it's the 1st anniversary of my 28th birthday. Yea no one likes to think of simple math over the phone. I really want everyone to forget it's my birthday, just go on like it's another day. I think from the years of 25 till your in your 90s(when your just grateful you made it another year) birthdays should be avoided. Who wants reminded they are getting old. Those of us with kids are plenty reminded everyday (especially when your almost 11 year old son hits 5 feet tall). Of course it won't stop me from telling everyone I know and care for happy birthday on their birthdays. But my birthday is so close to my Hubby's and my oldest sons (Hubby's is the 19th and oldest sons is the 22nd) that I want everyone to concentrate on them and not me. Plus Thanksgiving is next week, who has time or energy to remember my bday when they should be getting ready for that holiday. But yea as of 10:10 central standard time this morning I'll be 29 years old. Ugh that sucks.

Oh and I've given up on looking for a house. That one we looked at yesterday. Well, I'll just say it must of been beautiful back in it's day(which is kinda sad to say it's only 20 years old). The poor thing has been treated badly and while the size and setup of it would of been perfect, it need more work then we have the time and money for.

So I've told hubby I'm done. I'm done with the whole house hunting business. After 4 months or so and 7 houses that we have physically went and looked at, 2 that we have tried for(1 we tried for twice), and the several hundred we searched for online. I'm done. We are destined, I think, to be renters. Our parents never owned a house that they kept for very long, so I guess it's to be our fate as well. He actually wants to keep looking and to really try again in March when our tax return comes in. But I don't have the heart for it anymore. I told him to go ahead and look and let me know if he buys one. As long as he's happy with it, I'll be happy. Actually, I know we should probably keep looking till we've reached number 13. Since that has a tendency to be our lucky number. But I don't think I could handle looking and either turning down or getting turned down 5 more times.

Friday, November 16, 2007

7th times the charm?

I sure hope so...if not then we are going to take a break from looking at houses. They're all beginning to look the same. Hubby says he can't tell one from the other anymore, lol. The only problem I see with this one is that the listing says it needs some TLC. We drove by it and it needs painting and I thought I saw some loose steps on the front steps. I'm hoping all it needs is some tightening/straightening up and painting. Loose steps, shouldn't be too hard to fix right? Just some mortar/cement and replace/reuse the bricks. Painting...well probably repaint the bricks (the home is 20 years old and I was reading that usually it's better to just repaint the bricks then it is to strip them to their natural color) and replace the wood siding with vinyl.

I'm not sure how I'm feeling on this house, I need to go and walk around it and get a feel for it. It looks OK to me on the outside. But I'm also the glass is half-full kind of optimist most of the time and everything looks OK and doable to me. It's a 20 year old ranch-style house. Ranch-styles, I admit, aren't usually my favorite type of house. I love old 2-3 story Victorians (especially the painted lady types). But Hubby doesn't really like old houses 'cause of all the work that has to go into them. Ranch styles, to me, have always seemed so bland. But then I was reading about them and that is what the makers of them intended. This home though has some character, there is something about it that appeals to me. And not just the real good price and acre and a half lot.

I get this newsletter called Grannymoons Morning feast. If you haven't you outta check it out, it's great. Here's the subscription link : GrannyMoonsMorningF east-subscribe@ . Anyway, I was reading this mornings "feast" and my tarot prediction horoscope thing said "WATER ELEMENT: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces You have a handle on your life and it shows. You are balancing work, family and your personal needs - in a way that is immensely satisfying. Think 'gold' today - enjoy the rich, warm and spiritual connotations of the colour, as well as its symbolism of beauty and wealth." Well I thought this was interested because the house we are going to look at is a pale yellow color. Well gold does come in a pale yellow color at times. I own some "gold" pieces that are a kind of pale yellow or could be considered that.

Well everyone wish me luck, send me some positive thoughts because if this house isn't "the one" then I'm going to give up and resign myself to the life of a renter for awhile. Hubby is thinking 6 more months, but if I give up now it will take me a lot longer then that to want to get my hopes up that we could be homeowners. I don't take rejection well, I guess, and I'm so tired of looking for a house finding one that seems to fit all right and then it not working out and saying "Well I guess it wasn't meant to be." I'm tired of it, I just want to be a two year old and stomp my feet and scream and yell 'cause I didn't get my way. Oh that sounds like such a good thing to do I may just have to do it. Well I hope everyone reading this has a great day. Bb.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just a thought on something I read...

I love reading other peoples blogs, especially people who write like I'm sure they are in real life. A bit snarky, lots of attitude, really upfront no nonsense people. These are also people I have tendency to like in real life.

Well I was reading a post a lady a done about how much she values her online friendships a maybe a bit more then real life friendships. Saying how these people are more real to her then anyone she's known in real life basically. While reading this I thought of my sil/stepsister. ..this could of came directly out of her mouth. She even moved to Tx to be close to an online friend(well partly that and partly 'cause she's always wanted to live in Tx). She's always said how much her online friends are better then anyone on in real life to her.

Well I'm thinking that maybe just maybe it's the people themselves and not the fact you met them online. Maybe if you would of met them in real life first you still would of been as close as you are online. Some people just click. Personally I don't have any online friends really...there's people I've met and talked to online, but not enough to develop a friendship. I've shared moments with them...only one of them I would like to talk to again (a lady I talked to a few years ago who lived in tx she has two girls and is in her thirties and for the life of me I cannot remember her yahoo id, umm she was telling me how her boyfriend/fiance was trying break up with her once by using the lyrics from the song Cowboy in Me by Tim Mcgraw...she worked as a dispatcher...if you read this and it sounds familiar leave me a message so we can catch up, I don't even remember my yahoo id from back then I've been losingmymarbles96 for a long time now but it was different then, back in 2001/02 I believe) but anywho she is about the only one I talked to on my own, I talked to a couple of people who were introduced to me by someone else. Actually it's funny she started talking to me and my hubby is the one who was on the computer so he acted like he was me and that's how we started talking, lol.

Anyway back to the subject. I can see how you can maybe have real relationships with someone online. The convenience of it all makes it nice too. how many times have you either had to cancel on real life friends or have them cancel on you. Online friends are usually there about the same time everyday and you don't have to get dressed and go somewhere to meet them. But then real life friends have met you, sometimes grew up with you. Most likely have met your family, your other friends and now nearly every little detail about you. It's easier to lie online just the same as it can be easier to tell the truth. It's harder to lie when making a friend in real life, most people can spot a liar. I have very practically no friends online and very few friends in real life. I'm pretty much a loner, lol. I have a large family/extended family and just don't have a great need for friendly relationships I guess.

I make tons of acquaintances. Coworkers, hubby's coworkers, parents in the homeschool group, parents of the kids' friends, people I've talked to online. But I never seem to let these relationships go past the acquaintance stage, I never let them close. Maybe it's the Scorpio in me, lol. Maybe that's why I sometimes have trouble with people who love their friends more then their family members. Yea family can be a pain in the ass and family will break your heart more times then you can count on. But my family is always there when I need them and they're there when I would rather not have anything to do with 'em, lol. The few friends I have, I've had since middle or elementary school. We live miles apart but still keep in touch somewhat. We are nowhere as close as we used to be, but I can count on them. My best friend is Hubby (like you couldn't figure that out from every other post I've mentioned him, lol).

I'm an odd duck, I love being around people, I'm a people person actually. People I barely know will tell me their life story, but they may never know much more then my name and that I have a husband and four kids. I like it this way for the most part. At times it would be nice to have a friend I could be real close to. At times I'm a bit jealous of people I know who talk about how close they are to their friends, how they are closer then some siblings. But then again,to be honest, I don't have the time or energy to devote to that type of relationship. I kinda like to keep things superficial for the most part, it's too scary to let someone into your inner circle. Too let them know all your secrets and such. That gives this person too much ammo to use against you one day, to hurt you. I'm a big 'ol chicken, lol. Besides if I keep everything superficial then I can slip into oblivion an no one misses me. Or at least that is one of my trains of thought. I think, though, that I don't really realize or think about the effect I may have on a near-strangers life. Because really, everyone you meet in a days time you've had some effect on good or bad. I guess that's why I tend to look everyone in the eye and smile or grin at them; whether it be the grocery store, bank, gas station or at work.

Don't get me wrong, I want to make friends. Eventually my kiddies will grow up and move out and all I'll have is hubby to argue with, lol. ONline friends can be ok I guess, but really I prefer real life friends. I would love to meet another couple similar to Hubby and I. To have someone to go out with, party with(yea like we party<> ). I would like to have a friend who comes over to hang out and bitch about husbands, kids, work and life and then we go shopping, lol. I want one of those t.v. friendships. You can't get that online, your online buddy may be great but can she come over last minute to watch the kids while you run out for some emergency (okay so this would be possible if you met an online buddy that happens to live close by but that's not usually the case). Can she (he?) come by for coffee/tea and gossip or to help you paint a room or decorate or celebrate your birthday (or kids' birthdays whatever the occasion might be). I want the t.v. friend who drops by first thing in the morning on a Saturday just to bug the hell outta ya. I want the t.v. friend who you adore but your husband rolls his eyes when he hears her name. I probably want too much , lol. Okay this is long-winded enough hope everyone has a great day. Every friend is a blessing whether it be online or not. But don't make your real life friends and family feel like they are lesser beings compared to them. Well you shouldn't compare your family to your friends anyway. You choose your friends not your family, you just have to love (and deal with) your family, faults and all.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It was a short run...

Lol I suck at trying to do ANYTHING. I honestly was going to attempt to do Nablopomo, but yea after missing one day then two more days, now I can say I've blown that idea out of the water. This is the way it seems to go for anything I try to do, I'll do good for the first few days and then something comes up and I can't continue. Either someone else interrupts my plans or basically life just gets in the way (sucks how it has a tendency to do that).
I just got an email saying my bil is on his way home to his wife and kiddos. That is really nice to hear, he's been in Iraq for the past year and a half or so(it seems like forever to me and I know it's gotta seem like forever times two to my sil and their kids). I'm so glad my hubby never joined the military. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for those that do join and I stand beside them and their families. But I'm glad mine didn't. He had thought about joining the National Guard once back in high school. I would of tried to stand by him if he made that decision, but I was only 14 or 15 when he was trying to decide what to do with his life (he is 3 years older then me). I was terrified that if he joined and had to go away to boot camp or whatever then we wouldn't be together any longer(I had this idea that long distance relationships never work out, still do to a point). But he never joined, never even talked to a recruiter as far as I know. I don't know how our lives would of changed if he would of, I like it like it is so I'm glad he didn't. Not that he has a nice safe job and is home every night now. No, not my hubby, lol. He gets up at the crack of dawn goes to whatever job site they are on for the day, climbs up anywhere from just 20ft to over 100ft in the air on beams that are only about 4-5 inches or so wide and stays up there welding, connecting beams and so on all day. My hubby's main job where he works is connector (he's an ironworker in case you didn't know). So he's the one getting the beams set and putting in the bolts, then , I believe, someone else comes along and welds the joints (sometimes that someone else is him as well) and then they lay the decking and so on. I've seen him at work, but I don't make it a habit to watch him work. Because mainly, I don't want to be there and see him get hurt. With the crane swinging building materials up to them, him walking on those beams like he's on a sidewalk and him just being so darn high, I'm afraid if I watch him then I may end up watching him fall, or get knocked off. As for the being home every night, well for most of the time he's been in Ironwork he has been away more then he was home, and still a couple times a year they go and do a job far enough away that he'll be away for 2 or 3 days. When our third child was born, Hubby went to do an out of time when he was a week old, it ended up being two out of town jobs. So I was home alone with two toddlers and a newborn and no one nearby to help out. I was a very long week for me to say the least. By the time number four came along I was an old pro at juggling the kids by myself, so when hubby went out-of-town I handled it fairly well. I'm grateful now, though, that they don't do the amount of out-of-town jobs they used to. They were doing 1 or 2 a week for the longest time, now its a few a year. Hubby and I are waiting for the company to start doing them again though, 'cause we have a feeling they will ask Hubby to do them. We like the overtime and the resulting money that comes from that, but the time away from each other is awful. He truly is my other half and we are away for an extended period of time I feel as if I'm just going through the movements. No real thoughts or emotions, but when we are together. Oh joy, how quickly the world goes from black and white to full color.

Friday, November 09, 2007

If you have more then two kids...

be prepared to hear "You have your handsful.", "Bet there's never a dull moment at your house." "You know what causes that don't ya." "How do you do it?" and much more enlightening comments and actions from other people. I also like the looking closely at each of the kids' faces like your trying to see if they all have the same daddy, then proclaiming they all look like me. Especially when the person doing the scrutinizing has never seen my husband and he's not standing there with me for them to compare. Oh wait I forgot one I hear a lot too" Are they all yours?". I only have four kids, and really if you look around or watch t.v. or read the paper you realize that's not really a lot of kids. Sometimes it may feel like double or triple that amount and I've found that I can have one of my nieces or nephews tagging along and never notice the difference, just one more head to count, lol. Speaking of counting, I get that too, not me counting heads, but other people like the lady at the post office today (she was also one of the ones looking at each of the kids to see who they look like) she counted each of the kids. 1(pause)2(pause)3(pause)4(pause). Counting to four is hard work so make sure you pause between each number to catch your breathe. I suppose I should be grateful to her though, this way I know another kid hasn't shown up and one hasn't disappeared.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thought filled Thursday

What would your life be like without kids?
Hubby has asked me this a few times in the past few years. Really I couldn't imagine it with out the little brats, lol. I think my life without kids would be summed up in one word...quiet. There would be no one running around the house screaming at the top of their lungs. There would be no one screaming bloody murder while someone else is yelling "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Mommy I didn't mean to..." There would be no one yelling for ya( MOMMMY MOOOOMMMMYYY). There would be no getting up for the 5th time since going to bed an hour before to go potty or get a drink or both.
Worst of all there would be no "Mommy look at this", "Mommy I love", Mommy your the greatest Mommy" (they do tell me that on occasion, lol lil suck ups ya gotta love 'em). "Mommy can I have my goodnight hug".
I've been a mommy since the week after I turned 18, I turn 29 a week from this coming Saturday. So yea, really I do not know what life is like without kids. Why would I want to know it though. I never was one to party, I grew up with tons of responsibilities (I was responsible for my younger sisters), I met the man of my life when I was 14 and we have been together since. As for college/career, who says you cannot have that and kids too. I've obtained one degree and will, eventually, obtain another. It's not impossible, just takes a bit longer to get it.
I read an article the other day where some studies had said that older moms make better parents. Says who? I don't think the age of the mom matters on whether or not she's gonna be a bad parent. If she was gonna be a bad mom when she's in her twenties she's still going to be a bad mom in her 30s or 40s. People don't change. People are really good illusionists and may appear to change, but if you look a tad bit deeper you see that they are still the same as they always were. Being a good or bad parent is more of a personality thing, I think. Also it's subjective, what I may think is good parenting someone else may think otherwise. I'm not going to win any mom-of-the-year awards. I don't want to. I just want my kids to grow up healthy and smart and to look back on their childhood years with fond memories. Most of all I want them to always love me. I'm getting ready to hit the dreaded teenage years in 2 years for my oldest and 3 for my daughter (who acts like she's there already). I know my patience has yet to be tested, lol. I'm just going to try to get through the next 12 years or so with a sense of humor, hugs and kisses, and nerves of rubber (I'd say nerves of steel but I think I'm gonna need a little give in mine).

Monday, November 05, 2007

sorry everything on here is a lil screwy

I'm trying to play around with templates but now I'm done with it for a bit so be patient with me and I'll straighten it all out later sometime.

AH I missed a day

In my defense though, I had to work yesterday. Well I have nothing really to post, but wanted to put something on here. I'll try and post more later. We are hoping to hear something on the house. Last we heard is that the sellers accepted everything but the termite inspection. Which surprised us 'cause our realtor told us the sellors are required to do that, but maybe that's only in Tn the house is in Ms. But I think, even if they don't do the termite inspection, we are going to go ahead and go for it. It'll just add what an extra couple hundred to our end. We just don't want to pay for it and end up not getting the house. Especially since we have the home inspection to pay for anyway which is nearly 300 dollars as it is.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3 of Nablopomo

Hey I've made it to day 3, Woohoo, lol. I have to admit, this may be difficult for me. Writing something everyday is definitely a challenge. I'm not big on writing, hate research papers (I like the research part it's the getting it all on paper to where it makes sense that I dont like). I'm sure if I wrote more I wouldn't have so many grammar errors in my posts, lol. I do try my best, though, to make sure the spelling is correct. Punctuation, sentence structure and all that may be all blown out the window, though.

Friday, November 02, 2007


How come when I try to make a paragraph blogger takes out the indention?

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo

How hard is it to accept an offer on a house? Just read over the offer...accepting full price; check, requesting one year warranty; hmm maybe, other then warranty only request is closing and title costs; check because it's already stated that the sellers will pay as much of closing as possible. I think the only thing we may have trouble with is the one year great if they accept that, but it's OK if they don't . I'm just tired of house shopping and want to move before it gets much colder. We are having fall temps now here and winter is just around the corner. We have been in this house a little over a year (OK like one year and 2 weeks now). We are getting ready to pay another months rent. I want to move out of this little house.
I'm really surprised we haven't been hearing gun shots and fireworks from the local hispanic/mexican population celebrating Dia de Muertos. It seems like last year they did. Maybe all those ones moved or got moved away. Nothing against any one race, but when you live in a city and your neighbors house is a few feet from yours you need to be a little bit respectful. You don't see me going out whooping it up on holidays in my front yard. Its really hard to sleep here on the holidays like 4th of July and New Years Eve because you don't know if your hearing gunshots or fireworks. And most likely it's a bit of both around here. I'm hoping where we are looking to move to not see anyone hanging around their front porch drinking and listening to loud mariachi(sp) music. Hoping to not see little kids playing in the street or on the sidewalk with no adult in site.
That really gets me, I'll drive around and there will be kids under the age of 5 playing on the sidewalk next to a busy street and no adults in sight. My kids are 10 almost 11, 9,8 and 6 and I won't let them play in a fenced backyard by themselves, they are not allowed to play in the front yard at all. Yet, these people care little enough about their kids to let them play next to the street. Maybe I'm a little overprotective but the way I see it is that it's my job to make sure these little people grow up into adulthood. It only takes a quick second for a kid to get hurt, kidnapped or worse. How many times to do you hear about some little kid getting hurt and the parent is saying "I just turned my back for a second." Yet these kids are outside by themselves with no one watching. Yea I know the parent could of just went in to answer the phone or something. I say let the phone ring or get a cordless or just grab the kid(s) and bring them in with you. I still feel a little panic if I don't see one of my kids next to me in a store. Or if we all come in from playing outside and I'm one off on the head count(I count heads to make sure everyone is in before I lock the backdoor). More so when I'm hollering out the name of the one who I didn't see and he/she doesn't answer. I love my babies and you only have your kids for 18 years and they are so precious. To me it almost seems to good to be true to have such beautiful, healthy kids. I'm of the mind if it's too good to be true then it probably is, lol. So I've been watching out for the past 11 years for the other shoe to drop. I hear stories of kids being taken away too soon and don't know what I would do if something like that ever happened. My hubby says he would have to leave because he couldn't handle it. Because no matter the cause he would be blaming himself. So my kiddies have to grow up with overprotective parents, no we don't make them live in a bubble or anything. They get out, get bumps and bruises. Climb trees, walls, us, lol. They wrestle, they fight, they sometimes get hurt. But we try our very best to ensure that we are there to kiss the boo boos. Put the band aids on the cuts and scrapes and hopefully there to soften the falls. They are rarely out of our site, more so since I've been homeschooling them this past year. When they do go to public school I worry 'cause my daughter has gotten hurt at school (got pushed off the top of a 10ft jungle gym at one school and fell/jumped off a picnic table and got a huge egg on her head at another). I know it's normal to worry, sometimes I wonder if we're abnormal 'cause we watch them, closely. But then this also means it won't be our kids causing trouble at school, it won't be our kids toilet papering or egging houses on Halloween, it won't be our kids putting graffiti on walls and fences, it won't be our kids going to wild parties and so on. What they do as adults we cannot control but until they graduate high school and move out and on their own we can control at least 90% of what they do. I hope they realize how much we love them, at times I think they do. I know they won't like all this much in the next few years as they get older. But they'll appreciate it later when they are grown and they have reference on what they should do with their own children. Hopefully, lol.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 1 of NaBloPoMo

We survived Halloween, lol. Kids did well with the candy, not as much as some people we know but more then enough for a good sugar high. We got a late start due to hubby having to work late and not getting home till a little after 6pm. By the time we found a place to go trick-or-treating it was nearly 7 (no we don't go in our neighborhood, we don't trust the people living around here that much). I truly hope we get this house, it looks like the kind of neighborhood you could almost just let your kids go around the block by themselves (yea like I ever could really do that, even if it was Mr. Rodgers neighborhood). We most likely will hear something today or tomorrow, so fingers are crossed around here (you should try typing with your fingers crossed sometime,lol).
Nothing else really to put on here that comes to mind. I just wanted to make sure to put something in support of National Blog Posting Month. Now to go and try and think of something for tomorrow.