Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to please let it be over

I don't like birthdays...well I like birthdays, I like making other people feel special on their birthday, but I don't like my birthday. I don't like getting older, yea I get told I look several years younger then I am, and I hope that continues. But every year I get older just reminds me of goals I haven't met yet. I wanted to be a Rn by the time I'm thirty, welp that's not gonna happen, unless I can magically get the money and the time to fit 2-4 more years of college in the next year. I wanted us to have our own house by now, welp that don't look like it's gonna happen, unless someone just drops a deed in our lap and says its yours enjoy.

I just want to go on like it's another day today. I appreciate that everyone I know seems to remember this year (which is kinda shocking me, lol). When asked how old I am I'm throwing them all for a loop when I say it's the 1st anniversary of my 28th birthday. Yea no one likes to think of simple math over the phone. I really want everyone to forget it's my birthday, just go on like it's another day. I think from the years of 25 till your in your 90s(when your just grateful you made it another year) birthdays should be avoided. Who wants reminded they are getting old. Those of us with kids are plenty reminded everyday (especially when your almost 11 year old son hits 5 feet tall). Of course it won't stop me from telling everyone I know and care for happy birthday on their birthdays. But my birthday is so close to my Hubby's and my oldest sons (Hubby's is the 19th and oldest sons is the 22nd) that I want everyone to concentrate on them and not me. Plus Thanksgiving is next week, who has time or energy to remember my bday when they should be getting ready for that holiday. But yea as of 10:10 central standard time this morning I'll be 29 years old. Ugh that sucks.

Oh and I've given up on looking for a house. That one we looked at yesterday. Well, I'll just say it must of been beautiful back in it's day(which is kinda sad to say it's only 20 years old). The poor thing has been treated badly and while the size and setup of it would of been perfect, it need more work then we have the time and money for.

So I've told hubby I'm done. I'm done with the whole house hunting business. After 4 months or so and 7 houses that we have physically went and looked at, 2 that we have tried for(1 we tried for twice), and the several hundred we searched for online. I'm done. We are destined, I think, to be renters. Our parents never owned a house that they kept for very long, so I guess it's to be our fate as well. He actually wants to keep looking and to really try again in March when our tax return comes in. But I don't have the heart for it anymore. I told him to go ahead and look and let me know if he buys one. As long as he's happy with it, I'll be happy. Actually, I know we should probably keep looking till we've reached number 13. Since that has a tendency to be our lucky number. But I don't think I could handle looking and either turning down or getting turned down 5 more times.

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