Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First something yummy...

I was reading over at Baking Bites and she has this recipe for Maple Cornbread that sounds so delicious. I love cornbread, and I like it more on the sweet side. Hubby likes more savory and I usually fix it to his liking more then mine so I can get him to eat it. It strikes me funny that he's this way about cornbread when the man practically lives off little debbie cakes and pop tarts (that's usually his breakfast and lunch, he gets real food for dinner). I may just have to grab some syrup when I go get oldest sons birthday present tonight.
Well I know I said I've given up house shopping...only thing is I can't seem to stop looking at listings, lol. Doesn't help that when I tell hubby I'm done, he starts well we just need to keep looking. I'm the same way with him as well, when he's about to give up I'm saying how about just a couple more times.
So not a lot to talk about today. I didn't have much to say yesterday either. I started to post something and my mind drew a big blank and just wouldn't work. So I quit and went off to clean house. I'm wanting it clean before Thursday. I've also got my mom, two of my sisters, my 2 year old nephew and most likely my doggie nephew (okay I treat my sisters' pets as if they were family, why not they treat them as if they were one of their kids) coming down in about 2 weeks. So I've got to go around and baby proof the place. This isn't real fun, I've not had to baby proof anything for nearly 6 years except for when we get the rare visitor that has little ones. Which seems to be happening more this past year then ever, lol. Funny how when you move four hours away from everyone then all of a sudden people want to see you. When you lived just 15-20 minutes away no one ever came over.
It's always been that way for us. When we live down here people call, write, email etc... to keep in touch. When we live close to them we never hear from them. Our family is funny that way, either that or it's true absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Well I need to hurry up and get down with reading all my favorite blogs, checking emails, reading headlines and all the crap I do while drinking my first cup of coffee. I need to finish cleaning house today because trash pickup is tomorrow instead of Friday due to the holiday. BB everyone.

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