Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a week so far

Monday we made an offer on yet another house. I hope to Goddess that we get this one. It's not perfect. It's a little smaller then other houses we've looked at and has no landscaping. But it is a 3bd/2 bath with a living room and a den(that we may convert into bedroom #4) it has a very small kitchen but has a lot of counter space for it's size and has a separate dining room. It has 1.2 acres and is in a very good location and a very good school district, so I can safely let the kids go back to p.s. and I can go to work full-time (so we can afford all this, lol). That's the good thing going on this week.

Now for everything else...well Tuesday night I was on the phone with my mom and getting ready to start dinner, Hubby and the two oldest boys were wrestling in the living room. The oldest son was in a box and Hubby was spinning him around while the middle son sat on the couch laughing. Well Hubby let go and told him to "go that way" and then Oldest son fell against middle son's head and started crying. Took Hubby a sec to realize he was crying not laughing and I had just told them all to settle down (it's bad when you have to include your husband in that). Well Hubby pulled oldest son out of the box and took him straight to the bathroom. I'm thinking oh crap at this point. Brings him out with a washcloth on his nose and I grab the cold pack(I keep rice in a baggie in the freezer for this). When Hubby removed the washcloth I took one look at oldest son's nose and say "It's broken". Hubby didn't think it was and I showed him were it curved and was bruising already. So I told mom I had to go (yea I had her on the phone all this time) and I would call her back later. So we tell the others to get ready that we're going to take oldest son to the hospital. I know some people don't go for a broken nose but this is one of my babies and I wanted to make sure air passageways were fine and all that. So we go to the emergency room and ask for directions to an urgent care clinic, because this isn't really an emergency and we don't want to set for hours in an e.r. and pay a huge e.r. bill later. So we go to one children's urgent care and they can't do xrays of the face/head so they send us to another (which I wish I would of remembered 'cause it would of saved us about 20 min of driving) and so we were there for about an hour or so. Hubby went back with oldest son 'cause oldest son wanted him to. Poor boy was nervous too. Actually both of them were. The other kids had fun with the castle they had in the waiting room. So we got told yes it was broken and to come back for a follow up when the swelling went down. Everything look ok except, of course, for the broken part. This is not the kid I would of figured for having our first broken part. I thought it would of been one of the two younger boys, because they are so wild. Or my daughter, because she's a ditz, lol. I love her and she's very smart, but she's a ditz. But no it has to be the one who rarely gets in on the rough-housing/ wrestling matches like the others. The one who would rather play with legos, video games or run, then play any contact type sport/game.

Now for our cute lil puppies. Well Monday I realized they had fleas. WTF they are only 6 weeks old, they shouldn't have fleas. The mom should of been treated for fleas and all the other dogs that were allowed outside. Well then comes Tuesday and here comes my daughter with this little white squirmy thing on her shirt and she's kinda freaking out saying it fell off the girl puppy's butt. Well crap, now not only do they have fleas but they have worms. So later this week we have to take them to a vet to be dewormed. We haven't seen any in the poop and they don't look wormy so hopefully the infection isn't too advanced. It sucks though, they are so young and she was the runt of the bunch so she's extra small.

Well it's only Thursday morning so today and tomorrow to go through yet. Hopefully nothing else too major happens. Unless the lender calls and says we can close on the house extra early, now that I definitely could handle.

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