Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's a double hitter

Okay I was reading over at Notes from the Trenches and the author, Chris, has a post up on Holiday cooking fiascoes. Well it wasn't a Holiday cooking fiasco, but I can remember a cooking fiasco I did once. We had just moved into our first house, I was 6 months prego with my dd and my hubby and his brother were doing all the moving in stuff. Well, we had some deer meat that I figured I would fix up for a quick meal for the three of us (oldest son was around as well, but not quite a year old and only had four teeth so no deer for him, lucky guy, lol). Well I put a ton of meat tenderizer on the deer (if you've ever had deer you know it can be kinda tough). On top of that I put salt, pepper and probably garlic salt(I like garlic salt, lol). Well I never read the ingredients on the meat tenderizer so I did not realize that it was pretty much flavored salt. So I cooked the meat. **Another tidbit here, for the first couple years I was married I had a bad tendency to overcook meat, sometimes I managed to have it nearly burnt on the outside and pink on the inside. I've since learned that I cooked it too hot and know fix it, most of the time, so tender you can cut it with a spoon. **
So the meat finally gets done and we all grab a piece. It was so salty and tough it was not edible. But bless both my hubby and brother-in-law, the rinsed off their meat and smothered it in ketchup and/or steak sauce and tried to eat it anyway. I just bawled, lol...I was tired, pregos and stressed out from buying and moving into a house and then I ruined dinner. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist and so if I do something and it turns out wrong I get really, really upset.
Well if you want to tell about your cooking fiasco you can go over to Notes From the Trenches or go over to Blogher and share.

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