Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 1 of NaBloPoMo

We survived Halloween, lol. Kids did well with the candy, not as much as some people we know but more then enough for a good sugar high. We got a late start due to hubby having to work late and not getting home till a little after 6pm. By the time we found a place to go trick-or-treating it was nearly 7 (no we don't go in our neighborhood, we don't trust the people living around here that much). I truly hope we get this house, it looks like the kind of neighborhood you could almost just let your kids go around the block by themselves (yea like I ever could really do that, even if it was Mr. Rodgers neighborhood). We most likely will hear something today or tomorrow, so fingers are crossed around here (you should try typing with your fingers crossed sometime,lol).
Nothing else really to put on here that comes to mind. I just wanted to make sure to put something in support of National Blog Posting Month. Now to go and try and think of something for tomorrow.

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