Friday, November 16, 2007

7th times the charm?

I sure hope so...if not then we are going to take a break from looking at houses. They're all beginning to look the same. Hubby says he can't tell one from the other anymore, lol. The only problem I see with this one is that the listing says it needs some TLC. We drove by it and it needs painting and I thought I saw some loose steps on the front steps. I'm hoping all it needs is some tightening/straightening up and painting. Loose steps, shouldn't be too hard to fix right? Just some mortar/cement and replace/reuse the bricks. Painting...well probably repaint the bricks (the home is 20 years old and I was reading that usually it's better to just repaint the bricks then it is to strip them to their natural color) and replace the wood siding with vinyl.

I'm not sure how I'm feeling on this house, I need to go and walk around it and get a feel for it. It looks OK to me on the outside. But I'm also the glass is half-full kind of optimist most of the time and everything looks OK and doable to me. It's a 20 year old ranch-style house. Ranch-styles, I admit, aren't usually my favorite type of house. I love old 2-3 story Victorians (especially the painted lady types). But Hubby doesn't really like old houses 'cause of all the work that has to go into them. Ranch styles, to me, have always seemed so bland. But then I was reading about them and that is what the makers of them intended. This home though has some character, there is something about it that appeals to me. And not just the real good price and acre and a half lot.

I get this newsletter called Grannymoons Morning feast. If you haven't you outta check it out, it's great. Here's the subscription link : GrannyMoonsMorningF east-subscribe@ . Anyway, I was reading this mornings "feast" and my tarot prediction horoscope thing said "WATER ELEMENT: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces You have a handle on your life and it shows. You are balancing work, family and your personal needs - in a way that is immensely satisfying. Think 'gold' today - enjoy the rich, warm and spiritual connotations of the colour, as well as its symbolism of beauty and wealth." Well I thought this was interested because the house we are going to look at is a pale yellow color. Well gold does come in a pale yellow color at times. I own some "gold" pieces that are a kind of pale yellow or could be considered that.

Well everyone wish me luck, send me some positive thoughts because if this house isn't "the one" then I'm going to give up and resign myself to the life of a renter for awhile. Hubby is thinking 6 more months, but if I give up now it will take me a lot longer then that to want to get my hopes up that we could be homeowners. I don't take rejection well, I guess, and I'm so tired of looking for a house finding one that seems to fit all right and then it not working out and saying "Well I guess it wasn't meant to be." I'm tired of it, I just want to be a two year old and stomp my feet and scream and yell 'cause I didn't get my way. Oh that sounds like such a good thing to do I may just have to do it. Well I hope everyone reading this has a great day. Bb.

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