Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ivy the Goat

Here is the newest addition to our family. Ivy the goat.

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She looks to be part pygmy (she's 3 years old and only comes up to just above my knee and I'm 5'6") and I don't know what else. I've been looking online at goat pictures and so far I've come up with a possiblity of nubian or alpine or all three. It doesn't really matter though we bought her just so she could eat the weeds and poison oak around our place. That and goats are fun to have. My little dachshund thinks she's fun to tease at least until she butts him, then he rethinks it for a minute then comes back. It's funny to watch them play together. The guy we bought her from said there's a chance she could be preggers 'cause he bought her from a sale barn and when you do that what you see is what you get and you don't exactly get a history on the animal. If she is we'll know in a couple months...a goats gestation period is like 5 months. I'm hoping she's not 'cause I don't want to have to worry about a kid at this point, but if she is we'll roll with it. Goats are herd animals anyway and she'll be happier with another one around. Isn't she perty though.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

M.I.A...not really

I've just been busy and not had a lot to blog about. My two oldest kiddies are visiting grandparents for a few weeks in Mo, we bought a goat and I got my garden planted (or at least I had thought I had it planted, till I found more seeds). Kinda boring but in a good way. It's hot as well. We are staying in or right around the 90s this week. Ah summer in the south, where the air is so thick you wear it. The rain we've been having lately isn't'll rain real hard in the morning then the sun comes out to get everything all hot and muggy in the afternoon into the evening. Well guess that's about it for now. Sorry it's not more interesting.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

just a bunch of nonsense

I've not been around much this week, I've barely been on the computer long enough to check emails. I've just not been feeling well, I'm a little better today though so I think I'm about over it. Not that I would of posted anything real exciting. There's just not been a lot going on in my household. In other households of people I know there has been but their story is not mine to tell ('cept for my little nephew that was born this past week, welcome to the world cutie).
Anyway kids have had field days this week. A field day is like a track meet type of thing if ya didn't already know 'cept with a playground twist. They do activities like tug-o-war and freeze tag. Anyway so far with 3 out of 4 of the kiddies having done their field activities I've only seen one ribbon. I don't know what all they do 'cause I've had to work all week but they don't even give out participation ribbons, which really sucks because the other school my kiddies went to that did field day at least handed out participation ribbons so that everyone got to bring home something. My daughter said something about no one in her class got a ribbon. So something just does not make any sense to me.
Just 3 and a half more days of school left before the kiddies get summer break. So only 3 and 1/2 more days of free babysitting...ok ok so that's not the only reason they go to school. I'm not looking forward to this summer as it's gonna be a verwy, verwy expensive one. The school age child care that the school has is open M-F during the summer but for all four kiddies to go it'll cost me about 225 dollars a week. I make about 500 dollars every two weeks give or take a few dollars as I'm guessing on the taxes and after childcare this leaves me with about 50.00. Yeah this is why there are so many stay at home moms, you do back breaking work for about 40 hours a week to earn some money and after childcare are left with 50 bucks. Of course if you add in costs of t-shirts, field trips and other expenses they have planned during SACC then that 50 is long done and all you working for is to pay the daycare. It's crazy to have to pay that much for someone to watch your kids. Especially when they are older kids and all you have to do is make sure they are fed and don't beat up each other. It's not like your having to change diapers or watching a bunch of 1-3 year olds going around trying to stick fingers in plug-ins or objects in their body orifices. It's school-age children so age 5-12, give them all a playstation controller and their fine for at least 10hrs. You don't even have to have the game system 'cause they will pretend that they are controlling each other. No one expects their kids to be educated at daycare, really they don't, they expect the daycare workers to be in the fetal position in corner somewhere sucking on their thumbs praying that all these hellspawn are quickly removed and money is exchanged. Parent's know this 'cause by Monday morning we are in the same position 'cept we don't paid for it.
No actually I'm kidding about some of that rubbish. I think anyways. I've been sick with a fever and stuff so my brain is like, like, like....
I'm going to have to figure out something, right now I'm figuring on half my crew spending June at their granny's and grandma's houses and the other half spending July and my dd spending whatever else time at her friends. So hopefully that'll cut that cost in half. Besides it's only till August 5th then school's back in section so only about 2 months and a week or so. I'll figure it out.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mothers Day, All

Just a quick note to wish all the mom's, mom's-to-be, mom's-want-to-be a happy Mother's day weekend.
I'm just hoping for a nice quiet day at home where: the kids clean the house to a squeaky shine without being asked, I get to sleep in past 7 am, I hear no arguments from anyone, and so on...well since none of that is likely to happen I will just settle for the bare minimum of fights between the kiddies and not having to cook all day (okay the cooking thing probably won't happen either unless we order pizza or go hungry). Well after a little thought I'm going to have to make my mother's day good on my own 'cause if left up to the kiddies and hubby we'll go fishing or stay home while the males of my house play ps2 or Xbox and dd goes over to her friends and I'm stuck trying to entertain myself. Fun times, huh.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (or nearly so)

To encourage myself to take more pictures I'm going to try and do Wordless Wednesday's.
my backyard from the back of my house
another view of the backyard
my canna
the view of my front yard from my front door

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I didn't know my little previous 6-lined blog entry would get me so much web traffic. I'm going to have to post entries on News stories more often huh. Actually no I don't watch the news that much except for local news and weather and our local weather has been crazy I feel for all the towns in Arkansas who got hit by tornadoes the other day. It's kinda funny...some of the towns that are getting hit with a tornado I had once considered looking at houses at. So glad we didn't move there and I hope everyone affected has a chance to rebuild and recover.
I was going to go to my middle son's class to help with their Cinco de Mayo party but my youngest decided to run a low fever this morning. It's only 99.9 but I've had schools send kids home with a fever that low so may as well keep him home just in case. I have now idea why he's running a low fever as he's not shown any other symptoms, sometimes my kids do this just run a fever for no obvious reason at all. He'll be fine, he's already asking for McDonald's for lunch. I think he ran a temp on purpose...he knows it's my day off and the past couple of weeks on my days off he all of a sudden "don't feel good."
Well I feel like I have more or at least should have more to blog about but I am drawing a blank so I guess I'll stop here and save the rest for another day.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Kristin's Miracle House

I saw this news story about this teenager with cancer who's Make-a-Wish wish was to build a house for AIDS orphans in Africa. I just thought this was awesome and would post it on here. Here's the link if you want to read her story or learn how to donate to Kristin's Miracle House.