Sunday, May 04, 2008


I didn't know my little previous 6-lined blog entry would get me so much web traffic. I'm going to have to post entries on News stories more often huh. Actually no I don't watch the news that much except for local news and weather and our local weather has been crazy I feel for all the towns in Arkansas who got hit by tornadoes the other day. It's kinda funny...some of the towns that are getting hit with a tornado I had once considered looking at houses at. So glad we didn't move there and I hope everyone affected has a chance to rebuild and recover.
I was going to go to my middle son's class to help with their Cinco de Mayo party but my youngest decided to run a low fever this morning. It's only 99.9 but I've had schools send kids home with a fever that low so may as well keep him home just in case. I have now idea why he's running a low fever as he's not shown any other symptoms, sometimes my kids do this just run a fever for no obvious reason at all. He'll be fine, he's already asking for McDonald's for lunch. I think he ran a temp on purpose...he knows it's my day off and the past couple of weeks on my days off he all of a sudden "don't feel good."
Well I feel like I have more or at least should have more to blog about but I am drawing a blank so I guess I'll stop here and save the rest for another day.

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