Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mothers Day, All

Just a quick note to wish all the mom's, mom's-to-be, mom's-want-to-be a happy Mother's day weekend.
I'm just hoping for a nice quiet day at home where: the kids clean the house to a squeaky shine without being asked, I get to sleep in past 7 am, I hear no arguments from anyone, and so on...well since none of that is likely to happen I will just settle for the bare minimum of fights between the kiddies and not having to cook all day (okay the cooking thing probably won't happen either unless we order pizza or go hungry). Well after a little thought I'm going to have to make my mother's day good on my own 'cause if left up to the kiddies and hubby we'll go fishing or stay home while the males of my house play ps2 or Xbox and dd goes over to her friends and I'm stuck trying to entertain myself. Fun times, huh.

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