Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 5 and Beginning Day 6

Well yesterday was OK but I felt the beginning of a cold coming on. So I took an extra vitamin C and hoped for the best. I'm so tired of lemon juice and the lemon/olive oil shot every morning. I woke up with some bad sinus pain this morning. I don't think it's due to the detoxing, I think it's more a result of the cold symptoms I had yesterday. Since I feel so bad I just couldn't bring myself to drink the lemon juice/olive oil. I think some green tea and the recipe for tofu scramble is the thing this morning. I'm down another pound and about 1/2 an inch. I noticed the jeans I put on this morning fit much better then they did the last time I wore them. I'm doing well so far...not doing the diet 100% but pretty close. Right now I'm thinking of going one more week (to kinda make up for the slip ups this week) and then start adding foods back in. My caffeine withdrawal symptoms are all gone though I still have some junk food cravings.
Well lots to do today. Have to get a tire and an oil change then to the campus bookstore to get books and supplies for class next week. Then this evening we are going to go see the Memphis Redbirds game. Should be fun.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 3 and Start of Day 4

Well good news is so far I've lost almost 5 pounds and 2 inches around my belly and hips. I'm tired of the lemons (just the thought makes me shudder) but I go on. I just realized my caffeine headache is finally gone. Maybe now I'll start getting the increased energy the book says you'll have. I'm not hungry but am fighting soda and sugar and junk food cravings (buying the family McDonald's just about did me in last night). Hopefully those craving will soon fall by the wayside and I can really start enjoying this diet. Well this is a quick post as I'm going to whip up a quick hummus to eat for lunch at work today. Kinda tired of just rice and broth so today I think it will be carrot and celery sticks, hummus and broth. Still loving the Ultrashake...even if I did make it kinda thick this morning so have to use a spoon to eat it. Have a great hump day everyone.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day Two

Day two of the Ultrasimple diet finds me tired. I have a bit of a headache (probably caffeine withdrawal) and cravings for soda and sweets. I'm trying to keep going and made some Ultrabroth (which isn't as bad as I had originally thought). I'm down 1lb but inches are the same. Well it's off to bathe and bed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Uh Yeah...

I may of told some friends and coworkers (and hubby) that I wasn't going to do another diet for a while because I was tired of trying to pay attention to what I could or could not eat. Well that lasted a week. Starting today I'm doing Dr. Mark Hyman's Ultrasimple Diet. It's only 1-3 weeks long (well if you add in the prep week then it's a bit longer, but I didn't do a full prep week). It's restrictive the first week, very restrictive. No coffee, no sugar, no dairy, no gluten (wheat), no beef. Basically the Ultrashake (which is yummy) and the Ultrabroth (meh it's a veggie broth), rice, chicken and certain kinds of fish, lots of veggies and fruits and some nuts/seeds and 3 types of legumes. It can be filling and tasty it's just not very exciting. It's basically a detox diet after the first week you can start adding foods back and then figure out which ones work with your body and which ones work against you. So first day has not been bad. Doing the 20 min Ultrabath was difficult as I'm not much of a bath person. Hubby asked if I was marinating myself. I have a slight headache but I think that's due to lack of sleep last night due to a storm going through around midnight. I was worried I would have a caffeine withdrawal headache but I think the two cups of green tea I'm allowed kept that away.
Well off to bed and then to work in the morning.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm ready

  • I'm ready for classes to start (well except I still have to buy textbooks and school supplies...mentally I'm all prepared)
  • I'm ready for life to slow down a bit so I can catch up.
  • I'm ready for my kids to finally start doing as I ask (yep, that's gonna happen)
  • I'm ready for my work hours to cut back so I can concentrate on getting ready for school.
  • I'm ready to be able to go to Zumba again (between work and baseball games I've just not had the time).
  • I'm ready for a change, any change (I just have a feeling some changes are coming).
  • I'm ready to hear the doctors FINALLY know why my little nephew is so sick so much.
  • I'm ready to have the education so I could know why my little nephew is so sick (he is too 'cause Aunt Jackie is suppose to fix things )
  • Right now I need to get ready for the day, including getting all the kiddies up.
Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday and a wonderful week.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Slowly but surely

I've been to five Zumba classes now. I'm feeling more fit and like I have more energy. I've lost 3lbs and I like the classes. I don't feel embarrassed that I can't quite do the steps right. I don't feel embarrassed that I'm a bit chubby. It's a very small class (usually only 2-3 other women not counting the instructor) and all are really friendly. Unfortunately this week I'll miss my Monday class because of work. I should make the Wednesday one and I'm going to try and go to the kick boxing class on Thursday to make up for Monday. I'm only sorta doing the Genotype diet this past couple of weeks due to finances not being able to let me go and buy the sorta foods I need for it. I'm just having to make do with what we have in the freezer and pantry. Which is fine, I'm trying to balance out foods that are bad for me with foods that are super good for me. I may eat like crap one day, but for the next couple days I'll try hard to eat very good. Still I'm only like 40% compliant and that's not enough to see any results. I'll do some grocery shopping and meal planning next weekend and get that on track though. I feel as I'm getting somewhere health/body wise right now. I feel fitter even though I haven't lost any real weight/inches. That will come along shortly I'm sure. A lady I work with said she was thinking about taking up tennis and I may see about that. It would be fun and another workout. I could do it while my middle son was at his baseball practices. Or after Zumba class while her son was at football practice, either way would work.