Sunday, August 01, 2010

Slowly but surely

I've been to five Zumba classes now. I'm feeling more fit and like I have more energy. I've lost 3lbs and I like the classes. I don't feel embarrassed that I can't quite do the steps right. I don't feel embarrassed that I'm a bit chubby. It's a very small class (usually only 2-3 other women not counting the instructor) and all are really friendly. Unfortunately this week I'll miss my Monday class because of work. I should make the Wednesday one and I'm going to try and go to the kick boxing class on Thursday to make up for Monday. I'm only sorta doing the Genotype diet this past couple of weeks due to finances not being able to let me go and buy the sorta foods I need for it. I'm just having to make do with what we have in the freezer and pantry. Which is fine, I'm trying to balance out foods that are bad for me with foods that are super good for me. I may eat like crap one day, but for the next couple days I'll try hard to eat very good. Still I'm only like 40% compliant and that's not enough to see any results. I'll do some grocery shopping and meal planning next weekend and get that on track though. I feel as I'm getting somewhere health/body wise right now. I feel fitter even though I haven't lost any real weight/inches. That will come along shortly I'm sure. A lady I work with said she was thinking about taking up tennis and I may see about that. It would be fun and another workout. I could do it while my middle son was at his baseball practices. Or after Zumba class while her son was at football practice, either way would work.

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