Friday, July 16, 2010

Genotype Diet...I'm a Gatherer

Well I finally took the time to take my measurements and figure out which genotype I am according to Dr D'adamo's book the Genotype Diet. By just reading the descriptions I had always thought I would be a Warrior type...but lo and behold I'm a Gatherer. Now that I reread the descriptions I could see that.
A Gatherer has :
  • phenomenal capacity for prolonged and concentrated brain work (must be why I like school so much)
  • "Algorithmic" mind-set: natural-born problem-solver
  • "Early adopter" of new and revolutionary ideas
  • Sweet-natured with a tendency toward emotional "highs and lows" (those who know me know this is true)
  • "Exercise-challenged" (wonder if this is a nice way to say lazy).
  • endomorphic body type: always looks "padded" even when at proper weight (yep this would be true...always had hips and a booty even at 112lbs,my lowest weight)
  • blood type O or B (type O check)
  • Mostly Rh-positive (yep, I'm positive...I mistakenly said neg earlier...but my oldest son is a neg Rh type so maybe that's what I was confused with...i looked it up on my records so fix that, lol)
  • high estrogen levels (must be why I have those emotional highs and lows, huh)
Superstar Gatherers
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Orson Welles
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Elvis Presley
  • "Whoever dies with the most wins." (honestly I could see this since I grew up with next to nothing and want to live comfortably and looking at the superstar gatherers they were the same way, grew up dirt poor and gathered wealth as they got older)
Strengths to count on
  • terrific mental endurance
  • Highly motivated
  • Fertility- male and female (yup with four kiddies I would say I got this down pat)
  • Potential to age well (working on this one)
Weaknesses to Watch out for
  • Gatherers are unsuccessful crash dieters with a strong tendency to store calories as fat.(unfortunately I see this too...but now I can learn how to fix it)
  • Appetite regulation can be a problem (yep I either forget to eat or end up not being able to stop eating no happy middle)
  • Elevated estrogen sensitivity can stimulate hormonal cancers.
  • Accumulation of damaging chemicals in tissue can lead to diabetes, hbp, Alzheimer's.
Health Risks
  • Alzheimer's
  • Depression
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insulin resistance and diabetes
  • Low thyroid activity
  • Obesity
  • Reproductive cancers with advanced age
The food part confuses me as parts of it are contradictory to the type O Blood type diet. For example; I should avoid chicken for 3-6 months which was a neutral. I will be able to add coffee (like I would ever completely take it out) after 3-6 months and this was an avoid in BTD. Being able to eventually add in goats milk is a plus and soybean products being an avoid is a plus as I don't like the flavor of them. From what I've read on Dr D'adamo's website is not to compare the two diets but see them as separate eating/health plans. Genotype diet is suppose to be more personal then the BTD. But if you find the BTD diet works better then use it as some people do better on one then the other. He's more for (from what I've noticed) people taking control of their health and eating in a way that benefits their specific type not using a one-diet-fits-all strategy.
Well it doesn't hurt to give it a I think I'll start today and give it six weeks to see how I feel afterwards. If I've lost weight and have more energy then I'll keep it up..if not then I'll go with BTD which is a hard diet to follow(not because of the restrictions but because of the cost of the foods that you should eat...ever seen the price of spelt flour, ridiculous).
If anyone wants more info check out Dr. D'adamos website .

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