Sunday, August 22, 2010

Uh Yeah...

I may of told some friends and coworkers (and hubby) that I wasn't going to do another diet for a while because I was tired of trying to pay attention to what I could or could not eat. Well that lasted a week. Starting today I'm doing Dr. Mark Hyman's Ultrasimple Diet. It's only 1-3 weeks long (well if you add in the prep week then it's a bit longer, but I didn't do a full prep week). It's restrictive the first week, very restrictive. No coffee, no sugar, no dairy, no gluten (wheat), no beef. Basically the Ultrashake (which is yummy) and the Ultrabroth (meh it's a veggie broth), rice, chicken and certain kinds of fish, lots of veggies and fruits and some nuts/seeds and 3 types of legumes. It can be filling and tasty it's just not very exciting. It's basically a detox diet after the first week you can start adding foods back and then figure out which ones work with your body and which ones work against you. So first day has not been bad. Doing the 20 min Ultrabath was difficult as I'm not much of a bath person. Hubby asked if I was marinating myself. I have a slight headache but I think that's due to lack of sleep last night due to a storm going through around midnight. I was worried I would have a caffeine withdrawal headache but I think the two cups of green tea I'm allowed kept that away.
Well off to bed and then to work in the morning.

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