Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo

How hard is it to accept an offer on a house? Just read over the offer...accepting full price; check, requesting one year warranty; hmm maybe, other then warranty only request is closing and title costs; check because it's already stated that the sellers will pay as much of closing as possible. I think the only thing we may have trouble with is the one year great if they accept that, but it's OK if they don't . I'm just tired of house shopping and want to move before it gets much colder. We are having fall temps now here and winter is just around the corner. We have been in this house a little over a year (OK like one year and 2 weeks now). We are getting ready to pay another months rent. I want to move out of this little house.
I'm really surprised we haven't been hearing gun shots and fireworks from the local hispanic/mexican population celebrating Dia de Muertos. It seems like last year they did. Maybe all those ones moved or got moved away. Nothing against any one race, but when you live in a city and your neighbors house is a few feet from yours you need to be a little bit respectful. You don't see me going out whooping it up on holidays in my front yard. Its really hard to sleep here on the holidays like 4th of July and New Years Eve because you don't know if your hearing gunshots or fireworks. And most likely it's a bit of both around here. I'm hoping where we are looking to move to not see anyone hanging around their front porch drinking and listening to loud mariachi(sp) music. Hoping to not see little kids playing in the street or on the sidewalk with no adult in site.
That really gets me, I'll drive around and there will be kids under the age of 5 playing on the sidewalk next to a busy street and no adults in sight. My kids are 10 almost 11, 9,8 and 6 and I won't let them play in a fenced backyard by themselves, they are not allowed to play in the front yard at all. Yet, these people care little enough about their kids to let them play next to the street. Maybe I'm a little overprotective but the way I see it is that it's my job to make sure these little people grow up into adulthood. It only takes a quick second for a kid to get hurt, kidnapped or worse. How many times to do you hear about some little kid getting hurt and the parent is saying "I just turned my back for a second." Yet these kids are outside by themselves with no one watching. Yea I know the parent could of just went in to answer the phone or something. I say let the phone ring or get a cordless or just grab the kid(s) and bring them in with you. I still feel a little panic if I don't see one of my kids next to me in a store. Or if we all come in from playing outside and I'm one off on the head count(I count heads to make sure everyone is in before I lock the backdoor). More so when I'm hollering out the name of the one who I didn't see and he/she doesn't answer. I love my babies and you only have your kids for 18 years and they are so precious. To me it almost seems to good to be true to have such beautiful, healthy kids. I'm of the mind if it's too good to be true then it probably is, lol. So I've been watching out for the past 11 years for the other shoe to drop. I hear stories of kids being taken away too soon and don't know what I would do if something like that ever happened. My hubby says he would have to leave because he couldn't handle it. Because no matter the cause he would be blaming himself. So my kiddies have to grow up with overprotective parents, no we don't make them live in a bubble or anything. They get out, get bumps and bruises. Climb trees, walls, us, lol. They wrestle, they fight, they sometimes get hurt. But we try our very best to ensure that we are there to kiss the boo boos. Put the band aids on the cuts and scrapes and hopefully there to soften the falls. They are rarely out of our site, more so since I've been homeschooling them this past year. When they do go to public school I worry 'cause my daughter has gotten hurt at school (got pushed off the top of a 10ft jungle gym at one school and fell/jumped off a picnic table and got a huge egg on her head at another). I know it's normal to worry, sometimes I wonder if we're abnormal 'cause we watch them, closely. But then this also means it won't be our kids causing trouble at school, it won't be our kids toilet papering or egging houses on Halloween, it won't be our kids putting graffiti on walls and fences, it won't be our kids going to wild parties and so on. What they do as adults we cannot control but until they graduate high school and move out and on their own we can control at least 90% of what they do. I hope they realize how much we love them, at times I think they do. I know they won't like all this much in the next few years as they get older. But they'll appreciate it later when they are grown and they have reference on what they should do with their own children. Hopefully, lol.

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