Friday, November 09, 2007

If you have more then two kids...

be prepared to hear "You have your handsful.", "Bet there's never a dull moment at your house." "You know what causes that don't ya." "How do you do it?" and much more enlightening comments and actions from other people. I also like the looking closely at each of the kids' faces like your trying to see if they all have the same daddy, then proclaiming they all look like me. Especially when the person doing the scrutinizing has never seen my husband and he's not standing there with me for them to compare. Oh wait I forgot one I hear a lot too" Are they all yours?". I only have four kids, and really if you look around or watch t.v. or read the paper you realize that's not really a lot of kids. Sometimes it may feel like double or triple that amount and I've found that I can have one of my nieces or nephews tagging along and never notice the difference, just one more head to count, lol. Speaking of counting, I get that too, not me counting heads, but other people like the lady at the post office today (she was also one of the ones looking at each of the kids to see who they look like) she counted each of the kids. 1(pause)2(pause)3(pause)4(pause). Counting to four is hard work so make sure you pause between each number to catch your breathe. I suppose I should be grateful to her though, this way I know another kid hasn't shown up and one hasn't disappeared.

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