Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm just finding out about a neat thing called box subscriptions. Okay I'm sure they've been out for a long time now. I've just had my head too far in books, notes and chemistry molecules to of seen them. They seem so neat, just a few dollars a month to get a bunch of great samples (some sample sized and some full sized) from companies that you may want to try but are iffy about putting money down on their stuff. 
One is called Cravebox. I signed up for a spot, apparently their sub spots get taken up fast. Also about once a month they list extra goodie boxes for 10-15 dollars. You get 2 to 3x or more worth of all sorts of treats.

Another one I've been thinking about signing up for is Birchbox. It's only 10.00 a month and you get beauty samples. I'm thinking of gifting this one to my daughter. How awesome would it be for a teen girl to get all sorts of beauty, make up samples in the mail.

One I did sign up for is Bulubox. Only 10.00 a month and if you go to their facebook page they have a code for a free month. It's all health related samples such as vitamins, protein supplements and such. 

Another one I signed up for is Klutchclub. It's 16-18 dollars a month (I signed up for the monthly sub so mine's 18). It's a box jam packed full of health and fitness related items. I've seen reviews of this on other blogs and can't wait to get my first box this month.

I also signed up for Mystery Tackle Box for the Hubby. A box of lures and hooks and all that kind of fishing paraphernalia is right up my fisherman's ally. He never says anything but I know he likes getting things in the mail too. It's only 15.99 a month and right now they have a code on facebook where you can get your first month for only 4.99.

I'm not getting paid or anything for these I just thought it was a neat idea and wanted to share. You can Google box subscriptions and see lots of them out there. 

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