Friday, September 21, 2007

It's a bit sad really...

My oldest son was asking hubby and I if he was going to be the first to move out. Well I told him "I don't know, ask me again in 7 years." Hubby looks over at me and goes, "Don't say that." At first I was like say what, then it hit me. We only have about 7 to 8 years left with our little boy. He'll be 11 in November. Don't you hate it when something makes you realize how little time you have before your kids are grown up and on their own. It sucks 'cause they are in such a hurry to get there too. Pretty soon he'll be driving. He'll be interested in girls. Pretty soon he will no longer want a kiss on the forehead before he goes to sleep at night. Pretty soon I'll turn into "Mom" instead of being "Mommy" (at least to him, I do have 3 other children but their all so close in age that change will probably include them all).
Life sometimes sucks.

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