Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey, Guess What? It's Monday.

What a title, I know. My creative juices are just not flowing yet, but I wanted to put something on here. Don't know why just felt like it, I guess. We haven't had any good new on the house yet. Well, really we have not had any news. Just the same old line we heard all week last week.
I was reading on another blog ( about running and thought that was something I would like to get into. I was in cross-country and track way back in middle school. I loved running then. I do not know how I would find the time now, and I don't know where to run around here where I would feel safe. I think I'll wait till after we move and get me a big o' dog to run with (I'm thinking Rottweiler, lol). Well, guess I need to go and find something to motivate me to do something today.

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