Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Remembering 9/11

Yes I know it was yesterday, but I was thinking of a blog I read yesterday. This lady had wrote about everyday type stuff she deals with like she usually does and someone kinda jumped up and said something to the point like it's 9/11 why are you writing/worrying about everyday stuff when 6 years ago thousands of people's lives changed forever. While this is true, people need to realize life does go on. You can write every year on the anniversary of what happened that day on what you were doing, how the events had changed your life and etc. But, it's ok if you don't. You don't see people writing about the Oklahoma City bombing every year (even though I'm sure there are some who do). There are a lot of tragic events that have happened in the past 15-20 years that people don't blog/write about every year. If you keep bringing up the past how are you suppose to live in the present and move on toward the future. Yes 9/11 was tragic, it was life-altering, those people that lost their lives are missed greatly. Yes 9/11/2001 changed all of our lives, probably more then some people realize. But I am alive, I lost no loved ones in New York, Pennsylvania or D.C. (thank Goddess). If I choose not to dwell on the events of the day 6 years later then that's my prerogative, just like everyone else. Just for the memory I remember exactly what I was doing as the towers went down. I was in the living room with my children and my mom who had come down for a visit. I was turning through the channels to find cartoons for my kids and I happened to catch live footage of the buildings. My first thought was "Omg we have just went to war" my second thought was worry for my bil who was in the army. Fortunately my life my kids lives, and my husbands life went on that day and still does go on.
I know I'm just rambling now and making no sense and if your actually reading this mess your wondering what in the heck my point is. I guess it's this... just because someone doesn't donate every minute of their day on 9/11 to remembering the events of 9/11/2001 that does not make them any less patriotic then those that do. It just makes them human and normal.

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