Monday, September 05, 2011

Random Ramblings

Yep, this is going to be a disorganized post. Not surprising, huh. Anyway I figured I would jot (type?) down some things that are bumping around in my head in order to clear it so I can get some sleep.
I just finished Chemistry homework so there shouldn't be too much going on up there.

Anyway, my first thought, I'm really liking this church. I've been thinking about signing up for their connect class. It's a class that teaches you about the church. It's workings, missions, going ons and how to become a member of the church. It's for new members and those, like me, who are considering membership. I'm afraid of it though. It's really a unjustifiable fear. I'm afraid because in order to become a member I'll have to be baptized. Some how in my 32 years of living I've avoided baptism. Not that I wanted to avoid it, it just never really has came up. How do you admit that to a group of people you barely (not really at all) know? I'm thinking of just waiting, continuing to go to service and Sunday school, and maybe catching the next class. It's a real big step and I want to be for sure for sure that this is what I want. I'll pray and meditate on it some more, I'm fairly sure but want to 100 (or at least 90) percent sure.

Next thought, I'm waiting on a phone call. I know it's coming and I know it's going to be a pain in the booty. Because this person is a pain in the booty. We had to go to Missouri last Friday for a funeral. My Hubby's aunt (a real sweet, well-loved, faithful woman) passed away and we wanted to go and pay our respects. It had been years since we had seen her and it's kind of depressing that it takes something like this to see her again, but we wanted to do it. So, we drove up there attended the funeral and went to the cemetery and then out to my hubby's grandparents house for a meal. We saw family that we hadn't seen for years and they commented on how old Hubby was looking (yep he loved that). Our kids didn't know a lot of the relatives (including the aunt who passed), but still enjoyed playing with the cousins they knew and those they didn't know. Afterwards we saw the house Hubby's brother is moving to and then went on to his mom's to stay the night. We left as early Saturday morning as we could because Hubby had to work on Sunday. After reading all this do you see something we didn't do...well what we didn't do was let my mother know we were going to be in town.
See, last time we were up (I know I blogged about this) she treated us badly and made us feel like seeing us was the last thing she wanted to do. She went on how we used her and all she was was a bed and breakfast and blah blah blah. Nevermind that we didn't stay at her house and only ate a meal there because we thought it was what she wanted. Never mind that we planned on spending an entire day with her (from 8am to about 5pm) and had made sure we had the time to do it. We sure could of found better ways of spending our time then being made to feel like a nuisance when we were trying to make sure she got to see her grandkids. So this time since it was a short, unplanned trip. We decided it was best not to tell here, because she would of been blowing our phones up trying to get us to extend our time (and our pockets I'm sure) in order to visit with her. She really would of not cared that Hubby had to be at work at 5am on Sunday. Her thought would of been just call in. Our bills, food, having a roof over our head, is none of her concern. It's her world we just exist in it. I know how the woman thinks, I lived with her for 17 years. She's been on a roll with other family members, so whats more fuel for the fire.
Well, at first I wanted to write more, but it's late and I've really got to go to bed. Thank you blog world for reading and good night.

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