Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Fall Semester Was...

Interesting to say the least. My first class on Monday's is Intro to Foods. Here we will learn how to create and read recipes. I think I will love this class and look forward to learning a ton. The teacher is so so. She's not the best lecturer I've had. When trying to explain water bonding (hydrogen bonding really) she kept referring to the way batteries attract and repel each other. Now I know she probably meant magnets. At least I hope she meant magnets.
Our big project for this class is creating a pot luck project. We had to pick a culture to pick a recipe from. I chose British Isles. Not sure what I'll be cooking yet. The British Isles is composed of several different groups. You have the British, Scottish, and Irish and so I guess I'll try to find a recipe that incorporates all three. Haggis anyone? Beef Tongue?
Then there is my marketing class. This teacher wants to take a class of 98-100 people and try to teach it like it was a class of 20. She had us break into groups of 6 to discuss value and quality of watches, cars, and laptops. It was kind of a madhouse, but I'm sure it will straighten out as soon as everyone gets used to her way of teaching.
Finally there was Intro to Physics. The teacher seems okay, he was kinda funny and laid back. My classmates are an eclectic mix. Most seemed normal then in walks a 200+ lb woman in a very small black dress. Everyone kinda cringed when she went to sit down, hoping that she would not bend over any. Later into the class a guy with a red faux hawk speaks up and wants to discuss alien conspiracy theories with the professor. He tries to get the professor involved in a discussion on whether or not our technology came from alien technology. Okay then. Then in walks the poster child for those before and after meth photos. She looks like she decided to take a pair of scissors and randomly wack off her hair. Oh and might as well do the shirt as well. She has very pale skin with make up on as an attempt to cover the big sores on her cheeks. Apparently she sliced her toe open on the way to class and had to clean it off in the bathroom and has a huge bunch of paper towels hanging from the front of her sandals. Interesting folks here.
So I'm fixing to go to my Tuesday classes wondering what today will bring.

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