Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank You

As I was checking Facebook this morning, one page that I have "liked" posted a status about saying thank you to that one person that has an affect on your day, week, year, life. I thought "What a good idea." However, I've got more then one person that deserves a thank you and so I'm going to share it here for them and the world to see.

First thank you goes out to my husband. He's my rock, my best friend, and much more. He's there to pick me up. He encourages me (pushes me when needed) to do my best at everything. He never criticizes me. Never tells me I'm not good enough. He will tell me when I can do better. He will also tell me when I've done good (I didn't get a lot of that growing up). Thank you Hubby, love you.

Next thank you is a group one. This one is for my children. They love me and it shows. Not so much in words, but in actions. We may argue and fight, but at the end of the day when they are giving me hugs and kisses good night I know. When they are sitting near me to see what I'm doing online, or near me while we watch a movie, I know. Their love motivates me to do more.

I want to thank my siblings. My brother for being my protector growing up. Back then it was us against the world and I always knew I could count on him when I needed him. My next youngest sister for the smiles. She has a great attitude and is rarely down. It's hard to not talk to her and walk way without a smile. My next sister for being strong. Life hasn't been easy for her and she takes it in mostly in stride and comes out on top. Plus, she gets to deal with our mom the most and so there's a big thank you for that. There's also a thank you going out to my baby sister. She's smart, funny, a good mom and wife. She's also nearly always available when I need someone to talk to. For anything from a funny thing the kids did to a frustrating rant, or just because I'm bored and feeling chatty. Thank you sis for being there.

I want to thank my friend for being so great. When I needed someone to sit in the e.r. with me when my daughter was having flank pains (we sat in the e.r. for like 12 or more hours and she didn't once complain or act like it was the inconvenience that it was). When I've needed last minute babysitter, a friend to talk to or just hang with. She's been there. Friends and family come first with her and it shows (most of her friends she treats as family and I love her for it). She's not a needy friend, if we go for a couple weeks without talking neither of us start thinking somethings wrong. We know each other is busy and will call or text the other to either update or just check in. It's nice having a friend and having no drama involved. Thank you.

I want to send a thank you out to my mother and father in law. My mother-in-law has done a wonderful job in raising my husband. She's supportive of all our ventures (it's the same with all her children) no matter if she agrees with them or not. My father-in-law has been great as well. He's been a big help when the kids were younger. He's watched them so Hubby and I could go out for a minute alone. He's gone to the store and brought back fruit when I was pregnant with our third child and had cravings for some. He's watched my older two when I had to take the same third child to the doctor because of a super high fever and a bit of lethargy (he had a bad case of tonsillitis). It took hours and when I got home my father-in-law was getting the other two ready to go with him to run some errands he had to do. He was a big help when my hubby was doing a lot of out-of-town jobs and couldn't be there. Thank you both for being great in-laws.

I also want to thank my sister and brothers-in-law. My Hubby loves his big crazy family. I can't help but care for them as well. They are a goofy, loving, loyal bunch. You mess with one you mess with them all. When one makes a bad decision the other's support them and encourage them to make a better one. They grumble about each other once and a while but see past each other's faults and love each other as a family should. My children couldn't have a better example on how a family should treat each other then my Hubby's family.

Okay, I know there are many more people that affect my life greatly that I should thank. My grandparents, my hubby's grandparents. Several aunts, uncles and cousins that have all been a positive influence in my life. One big thank you goes out to them. Also I have more friends that deserve a thank you and so they get one as well. I thank anyone and everyone, past, present and future, that helps me maintain my optimism. That helps me keep being a better person. I have my faults, I've made mistakes(big and small). I want to thank those in my life that look past the faults, forgive those mistakes and stay with me through it all.

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