Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Time is flying by this semester.  We are already 4 weeks into it, next week I have a round of first tests.  I have a project in my Intro to Foods class due in about 3 weeks and haven't done much to get it started.  So I guess I'll need to do that today.  I need to get caught up on my chapter reading so I'll be ready for those tests next week.   A lot of my classes feel like they're pretty much self-taught and you show up twice a week for attendance and to listen to the teacher drone on about random things.  Some things actually applying to the subject matter other things just some sort of tangent the professor has let the students draw them down.
Since everything in the chapters we've supposedly gone over is up for grabs when it comes to the test, it's up to the student to make sure to read and study the test.  It also means you're notes are probably worthless, since the teacher didn't go over much in class.  So I've taken to outlining the chapters, in some of my classes, while the professor is talking.  If the professor mentions or writes down something worth remembering I jot it down.  I'm just there, partly listening mostly doing my I thing.  Not the most ideal way of doing things, especially with tuition being approximately 1,000/class(300+ dollars a credit hour) and it feels like I'm paying to teach myself.

    I haven't been doing to well with my to do lists so I'll make one for today:

Eat Breakfast
Get kids out the door on time
Go to post office to mail a package that's nearly a week late getting out
Go to Gen Chem II
Eat lunch that I brought from home
Workout in gym for one hour
Go to library to work on project for Food Science
While at library, do lab report for tomorrow
Read over tonight's chapter for Management
Work on lab report for Chemistry
Go to 5:30 class
Finally go home

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