Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tired of Bad News

Well the main bad thing is that my 5 year old nephew has had some blood tests come back and the results are not good.  I've mentioned him on this blog before, also here, and here to point out a few times.  Anyway we're waiting on pins and needles and praying/hoping that it's just a little bad not super bad.  I'm just making sure I'm prepared to make the seven hour drive to Knoxville if needed.

Other sorta bad news is that my sister's grandma (my step-grandma I guess you could classify her) isn't doing to well.  She's weak, barely recognizes anyone, barely eats and has lost weight and is doing the I'm-about-to-go-home thing that if you've worked in a nursing home you know that they usually mean it when they start to say that. It may not be that day, week, month...but my experience is that it's usually within the year. My sister said she's not looking good and she would be surprised if grandma made it to her birthday next month.  I say this is sorta bad because grandma is in her early 90's.  She's old, she's lived a long time.  She's buried two sons, a daughter and her husband (not to mention parents and other odd family members). She's tired and if she thinks it's time to go meet her family again then I say let her.

Okay so now need some other things as death and sickness is depressing. Especially since right now I can't do anything about either one except light candles and make wishes.  I don't like feeling helpless, I want to be able to say this is what is wrong and this is how we'll fix it.  It sounds like they may be finally coming to a diagnosis, but it's not sounding like one we want to hear.

Anyway tomorrow I get to go and bite some silly putty. Well last time I had impressions made of my mouth it was similar to silly putty.  I'm going to another dentist and getting ready to have an upper plate made.  I'm young too young to have to be getting this done.  I've also been so stupid when it came to my dental health. I preach to my kids the importance of taking care of their teeth, I hope they are listening.  32 is way to young to be needing dentures.  I've seen 80 year olds with all their teeth, now why couldn't of I been that disciplined.
I'm hoping to be able to get my teeth pulled next week when the college is out for spring break.  I still have a million and one things to do for my classes, but at least this way I won't have to go to class and can sit at home, studying and writing while trying to heal.

Tomorrow I'll post an update on my F you sugar challenge and a recipe for Deer Stroganoff, that was really yummy.

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