Sunday, March 20, 2011


That is my mouth right now.  Very tender, no wonder right.  Having all your upper teeth removed and immediate dentures put in (that don't seem to fit very well) will do that.  I've been reading tips on how to chew, speak, etc.  What to do to make them more comfortable....well that will be fixed when I go back to the dentist on the 28th.  The dentist himself said that they can do a better fit then what they did.  He said he didn't like these at all.  I'm making myself get used to them.  There have been several times throughout the day where I want nothing more then to yank them out.  However, I dislike being toothless more then I do these teeth.  Also these dentures provide a barrier between my lower teeth and my oh so tender gums.
On the plus side, I think my face looks better, healthier.  There's a twinkle in my eyes and something about me that looks so much better then before.  I don't know if it's the teeth or the no sugar challenge.  Whatever it is I'm liking the results.

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