Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sugar Challenge update and some worries

Sugar challenge is going fairly well.  I had one slip up yesterday and took a sip of my hubby's mt. dew and ate two small york peppermint patties.  Was really wanting chocolate and did not want to dig into the milk chocolate, chocolate chips that are in the freezer.  One small slip is not a failure, it just makes me more determined to do this right.  I'm going to be planning some meals for the upcoming week this weekend.  Tonight is pork chops, corn(not sure what I'm going to do with yet, but I want some corn) and maybe some brown rice...a garlicky rice sounds good, with some sauce from the pork drippings(my hubby has to have sauce/gravy with his rice or he won't eat it).  Yea that sounds like a plan.  I also have some cantaloupe that needs to be eaten so that will be dessert.  Tonight I'll figure out a meal plan for the week and make a trip to Save-a-lot tomorrow for anything we need and don't have.  It'll have to be stuff that won't add up to more then twenty dollars this week.
Reason for this is I just paid 1905.00 on dentures (just the tops this time).  Yep I'm in my early 30's and need dentures.  Main reason for this is plain old-fashioned poor dental hygiene.  Though breast-feeding babies every other year from 1996 to 2001 probably didn't help much.  That and I know I don't get enough calcium, I rarely drink milk (only milk I take in is in baking) and I'm not real good at remembering to take a multi or calcium pill everyday.  Need to I know, for my bone health.  I'll get there just not in the habit yet.
I'm not worried about being fairly young and needing dentures.  What I worry about is more important and probably going to seem a bit shallow.  My worries are more about my looks and my love life.  Will my hubby still want to kiss me with dentures in my mouth?  Will I start to look like an old lady? Is there ways to prevent this? Hubby says he will still kiss me.  I wonder though, will it be pecks or good 'ol french kiss.  I've actually been googling "kissing with dentures" to see what others say.  So far it's promising.
Also I wonder if it's okay to leave the dentures in 24 hours(minus like time needed to clean them) as long as I keep them very clean.  I don't want to develop sores, but I don't want to go without any teeth in my mouth either.  This question I know I can ask the dentist/dental hygenist...still makes me wonder though.

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