Monday, March 14, 2011

Rainy Monday

Suppose to rain most of the morning, sounds like it's started already.  Wouldn't be a bad thing if I had my garden done and my windshield wipers would work right.  My middle son also has baseball practice tonight, woohoo mud.  My youngest son is playing as well, but his coach hasn't gotten a hold of us yet.  So if I don't hear anything today I'll give the guy who is head of the sports things at the parks and rec to see what's up.  Some of the other teams have already had one practice (tonights practice will be middle's second one already).  As of Saturday I knew I wasn't the only one who hadn't received a call, so maybe it's just a busy coach. 
Sugar challenge is going great.  I wanted to give in last night, but stuck with it.  I've lost a couple inches and 7lbs since January of this year.  Most of that has been within the last month, two of those pounds were in the last week.  I'm not hungry, I don't feel like I'm giving up much.  I'm just having to be a bit creative with my food and using my two fruit a day to satisfy my sweet tooth.  My skin is starting to look healthier, my belly feels smaller and hopefully I'll start having more energy soon.  Right now by 8-9pm I'm wore out and ready for bed.  However I'm up most days by 5:20 in the morning and weekends no later then 8.  I put in long days so it shouldn't be surprising that I need to go to bed by 9.  However, I'm rarely asleep before 10pm so it seems useless to lay down so early.  
Hubby is going to take off early Thursday to go with me to the dentist's office.  Having 12( I think) teeth pulled with three of them needing to be surgically removed is a big ordeal.  I was wondering if I was going to feel like driving afterwards (it's about a 35 minute drive from there to the house).  I think he was worried too.  
Well have a wonderful, wet day everyone.  Nice thing is after this little cold front goes through we'll be in the 70's.  So glad spring is right around the corner and there will be fewer and fewer cold fronts for a while.

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