Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lovely, Lovely Spring

My tulips are starting to bloom (pictures will come later).  It's been in the 70s and 80s past few days.  I'm itching to work in the garden, however my mouth is bugging too much to think of doing anything real strenuous.   Last night it was awful and I nearly cried when removing the denture and then when putting it back in to eat dinner.  Today not as bad (knocking on wood), this morning I had to take a pain pill and miss my first class (my medicine makes me very sleepy).  I'm still going in here in a bit to take my Statistics test and get in a few minutes at the gym.  Taking it fairly easy but not going to let 12 extractions deter me from my goals.  I'm just over 3lbs from reaching my first goal of a 10lb weight loss in 6 weeks.  The 6 week date is Thursday, so probably won't make it by then.  I'm really close though and I'm happy.
Going to have to take pictures of my chickies, too.  They have doubled in size since we bought them.  I don't know if I posted about them or not.  I have three red sex link and three black sex link.  All are girls(or so we are told, the farm supply we got them from said they paid extra to have them sexed so they should be) and still I named one William Wallace.  Maybe I should change that to Wilma Wallace.  When I first opened the box she jumped out and stood there.  Still when the bird cage their in is opened she's the first or one of the first to hop out.  Likes her freedom this one.  Haven't named the others yet, that will come as I get to know their personalities.  The kiddies like them and the birds are getting well used to being handled.  So hopefully they'll be easy to deal with when I take them outside.  I want to be able to let them roam in the yard, under human supervision of course, and have them go back to the coop when called.  I will have to stress to the kids they can only be loose when someone is out there to watch them.  Too many cats, dogs, hawks and owls in the area to let chickens run loose on their own.  Oh and foxes, almost forgot I saw one in the yard last summer.

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