Friday, March 11, 2011

Sugar Challenge

I slipped a little on the F You Sugar Challenge.  However, I'm getting back into it with the help of another challenge.  The Gracious Pantry and Fit Fabulous Forever started a two-week no sugar challenge on Facebook. No added sugar of any type, no natural sugars (honey, molasses, etc), No sugar.  Allowed two pieces of fruit a day.  It's pretty strict but I think I can do it for two weeks.  I need to do it. My plan is to follow this challenge along with the other challenge.  When this two weeks are over (on 03/24/2011), I'll still be on the F You Sugar challenge and will be able to use small amounts of natural, clean sugars. 
Next Thursday I go back to the dentist to get my teeth pulled and top denture.  On St. Patrick's Day. I wonder if I wear green if it'll be less painful.  Should make following these challenges easier as I most likely won't feel like eating anything at all for a few days.
Well I need to get off of here, start laundry, work out and do some homework.   I've been on spring break this week and have been rather lazy.  The week is almost over so I guess it's time to get busy.

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