Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just a bit of time wasting

I need to be studying the Chemistry chapter's that tomorrow's test is over.  I need to be getting my lab report printed and ready for lab tomorrow.  I need to be writing in my lab notebook and be ready for lab tomorrow.  I need to read Ch. 5 in my History book so that I'm ready for history tomorrow.  I need to be getting my financial aid stuff together so I can turn that in tomorrow.  I need to get those beans cooking so they'll be ready for dinner tonight.
Instead I have read blogs, read Facebook statuses, updated my Facebook status, commented on group posts on Facebook and played a Facebook game.  Oh and started a load of laundry, 'cause that needs to be done as well.  I also need to finish that Statistics chapter so I can test on it Thursday.  Lots of stuff I need to be doing.  I have about 2 and a half hours before everyone starts coming home.  Instead I keep wasting time.
One scary oldest son remarked last night that he may join the National Guard.  He's only 14 so no need to worry, right.  Not, in just 3 short years he will be old enough for early enlistment.  In just 4 short years he will be old enough for enlistment and deployment.  My baby may one day be out on a front line some where fighting for this country.  Makes me just want to hold on tightly to him and whisper "slow down." I know that time stops for no man(or woman) and he's starting to get the age where everyone is telling him to make adult decisions.  Shoot in the 6th grade his math teacher was telling him he needed to be deciding on what he was going to do with his life.
Next week we go to the high school and listen to what they have to offer.  The course selections, extra-curricular activities and the like. The following week the kids are to turn in their course selections for their freshman year in high school.  In a few short months I'll have a high schooler.  Yes he needs to be thinking of a few ideas on where he is going to go in life.  However, at this moment I tell him nothing is in stone.  If in a couple years he's still thinking of joining military to pay for college, or a career or because it's seems the thing to do...we'll research it.  We will get all the information we can gather and together make the best decision for him.  He wants to go to New York and Japan.  He wants to see the great big cities, the technology.  I tell him though, at this moment just do what you are doing.  He's in Civil Air Patrol, there's lots of opportunities that can come from that. Including a future military career if he chooses.  I just want him not to rush too much.  Take one day, week, month, year at a time.  Teenage years are fleeting, and once they're gone adult responsibilities come only too fast.
Well guess it's time to step away from the computer and get some studying done.

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