Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Blog

In order to make things a little more organized I've decided to move my recipes/healthy/fitness and similar items to a new blog.  Pretty soon they can be found at To Be Awesome.  The title pretty describes my health/fitness goals.  I want to be jaw-dropping fit.  I want to look like I could be in the pages of Oxygen, Women's Health, or Self magazines.  If I continue with what I've been doing the past couple months, I will get there.  So for clean eating recipes, links, advice head over to the new blog.  For fitness tips, links, advice and the like...head over there. I'll be posting recipes that work with my family, what works for me and what don't. 
This blog will continue to be my "everything else".  It'll be my junk drawer on the world wide web. If I need to vent on something, it goes here.  If something wonderful or even so-so but sorta entertaining (to me anyway) it'll go here.  My gardening and wannabe homesteading will go here.  If I'm bored and want to write some randomness, you get the idea.  So yep, junk drawer sorta fits...sounds like a good name too, hmmm.
I really like the idea of Jackie's Junk Drawer for this new name in 1, 2, 3...

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