Monday, November 15, 2010

36 hours

In 36 hours (give or take a minute and a few seconds) I'll be ....32. It's starting to sound old. Which is funny, I don't feel old. I don't look old (or so I'm told). I don't think I act old (even though my usual bedtime is around happens when you have to wake up at 5am and put in long days of studying, working and parenting). 32, wow, it doesn't seem possible. I feel a decade younger then that number implies. I think, from now on, instead of making new year resolutions I'm going to make birthday resolutions. It seems better as you almost always renege on the new year ones. Instead of resolutions I think I'll call them promises. I try never to break a promise. I also try to never make promises I cannot keep. Needless to say I make few promises. So I'll think on this for the next 36 hours (well now 35 hours and some odd minutes) and post on Wednesday what I'll promise for myself. I have an idea, but I want to make sure they are viable and it's something I'll keep. No disappointment hurts worse then when you disappoint yourself.

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