Monday, December 17, 2012

A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back.

Proverbs 29:11

  Some possibilities are on the wind, things I don't want to happen really. However I will do whatever is neccessary for all parties involved.  I want to vent my grievences. I want to grumble about how unfair life is. I want to tell everyone I can trust to keep a secret what may or may not happen.
I won't though, because in the end it's a small thing. A temporary inconvenience to help those who are needing help. Someone helped us once when we were in a desperate situation. I'm sure they didn't really want to, but in the end you do what is right.
A quick search brought me the scripture I posted above. God always has an answer doesn't he?  I will be grateful that we are in a position to lend a hand up to those who need one. I will not judge anyone's bad decisions as we all make them.  I will instead use the possiblity to show the Christian I am trying to grow into being. I will show love, empathy and kindness as these are what is needed by the couple I'm referring to more then anything. They have had enough of shaking heads, shame, and judgements.
I hate that my first reaction to the news was how it would affect us. My second reaction was okay how do we do this, how do we allow for the possibilty of adding more to our already crowded household. Now my thought is kind of a mixture of needing to remember to not worry about events that have yet to occur and wanting to begin rearranging things in case we need to make room.

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