Monday, December 01, 2014

New Month, New Challenges

Hello Dear Readers, sorry I've slipped on posting. I started of okay and kinda got away on stuff.

It's December 1st, a new month. Time to begin new goals, new challenges, start over or continue. One of my sisters has recently began taking back her health and has inspired me to up the ante on my own workouts and eating habits. So I'm going to share the December challenges I'm attempting on this post. I may  will truncate them into one calendar, I think, to make it easier to see what's happening all at once.

I hope all my readers had a great Thanksgiving holiday (and my non-USA readers had a great weekend). I hope ya'll made great food choices and made sure to get some activity in (even if it was walking the mall/stores on Black Friday). I was happy to step on the scale this  morning and see no change. I'm down 4lbs from the beginning of last month and was kind of worried that I overdid the junk food over the weekend.

We have just over 3 weeks to prepare for the next big food holiday, and it will be 3 weeks of temptations. Work Christmas parties, Church parties, friend and family gatherings, and your own baking will be all around. These will be hard to avoid without turning into a Scrooge. So make smart choices, eat intuitively (I promise an article/post coming up on that soon, just need to find time to do it right), get active and most of all...don't let it stress you out. Food is great, being with people you care about is better. Do not let the fear of a few extra calories scare you away from being social. Just work it into your plan.

Without further ado, here are the challenges I'm attempting this month:

Well-Girl posted this lunge challenge that I think I'll try:

Sweat Like a Girl has an ongoing challenge event on Facebook. Here is Decembers. 

Blogilates, Cacey Ho has her December calendar up. Just subscribe to her newsletter for the password.

And finally, I came across this one from My Fit Station that I will attempt:

That looks like a lot, I know. So here is all the workouts on one handy dandy calendar to hopefully simplify everything a bit.
I didn't add every day to run, but the goal is to run on the nice days.

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